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ItGirl In Motion: DonYé Taylor Asked Herself This Question When Creating Her Brainchild

"Being an 'ItGirl' is all about being yourself and taking all of the elements that make you who you are and displaying them at your highest capability," creative brainiac DonYé Taylor says in the introduction of the limited video series, "ItGirl In Motion."

In partnership with Hyundai, xoNecole has unveiled the limited series in conjunction with our inaugural ItGirl 100 list. The list boasts 100 Black women who not only innovate and take up space when it comes to putting on for their cities, but also as the driving force behind brands that create impact for the culture. ItGirl DonYé Taylor is one of the 100 featured ladies who put her purpose into action.


As a marketing consultant, content creator, and CEO, a driving force behind DonYé's ambitions has been to show others how she sees the world by "creating art and doing things that shift perspective." In founding her brainchild, Nüclei, which is coincidentally also home to the ever-so-chic chrome brain piggybank, DonYé briefly touched on the inspiration behind the brand. "I was like, 'What would it look like if I were to be of service to myself?' And that's what made me create Nuclei," she said.

Watch the video above to take a peek into the life of the LA-based ItGirl, the importance of Black women receiving our "flowers" while we're here, and the three things she believes are absolutely essential to any ItGirl.

See our ItGirl 100 list in full here. Click through the gallery below for some BTS moments of DonYé and our partnership with Hyundai.

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Director: Mikkoh @mikkoh

Production Company: @30inthemorning

AD/Gimbal Op: @jeffreyrattanong

DP: @jucelandrin_

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2nd AC: Liz Robles @lizfatimarobles

FPV Drone Op: Kai Kevin Goh @kaivertigoh

Gaffer: Nelson Nguyen @nelson_ftw

Key Grip: Ames Hoang @mangothemaker

SLT: Jamon Tolbert @jamon.tolbert

Sound Mixer: Deyo Forteza @introducingdeyo

PA: Breyona Holt @exquisite_eye

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BTS: Marika Belamarich @marikarosegold

Featured image by Marika Belamarich for xoNecole




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