Adrienne Bailon Addresses Troll For Saying She Was In A 'Crisis' For Not Having A Baby Yet
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Adrienne Bailon Addresses Troll For Saying She Was In A 'Crisis' For Not Having A Baby Yet

Adrienne Bailon is celebrating five years of marriage to her husband Israel Houghton and while it should be a joyous occasion, The Real co-host had to take time out of her day to address a troll.

While promoting her YouTube channel All Things Adrienne on Instagram, the singer teased her new video with her hubby where they watch their wedding video for the first time in celebration of their wedding anniversary.

"I can't believe 5 years have flown by so quickly!" She wrote. "I always thought we'd wait for like some marriage crisis to watch the video & remember why we got married… but nah… it's been smooth sailing over here & I just got curious! Lol. So we watched our wedding video & cried a little & laughed A LOT! Check it out on my YouTube channel! Besos Xx."

While many people flooded her comment section with love, one particular person decided to hijack the couple's happiness with a negative comment. "5 years & no baby? That definitely sounds like a crisis 😢," they wrote.

Adrienne clapped back by writing, "Nope! Me happy with the man I chose with or without a baby-is a beautiful thing lol. You commenting this 😂 sounds like you are in crisis. Bendito."

Adrienne also got some support from her The Real co-star Loni Love. "I want to give a sincere show of love and support to @adriennebailon .. the rudeness that she has to endure is so stupid, insensitive, and unnecessary. Some folks believe that people on tv have no feelings. Please stop. This was a post to celebrate her love nothing else... I'm only posting because she replied but I just want us to send her positive vibes and know that all happens in God's time," she commented.

The singer/actress has opened up about her struggles with starting a family on an episode of The Real back in 2018. "I know you guys are like, 'Is she pregnant?' 'Her face is fuller'— FYI I've always had a really chubby face so that's not what it is," she said addressing the then rumors about her being pregnant.

"I think that as an audience we should be sensitive to the fact that everybody doesn't get pregnant right away. I think for myself I thought it would happen so easily for me and it just hasn't happened that way."

While Adrienne doesn't have any children, her singer/songwriter husband has four from previous relationships.

The couple got married on November 11, 2016.

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