Your Monthly Horoscope: February 2018


After what felt like the longest January ever, we've finally entered the short month of February with a bang!

We open the month still under the beams of a potent and dramatic Lunar Eclipse in Leo that lights up our leadership and creativity, while reminding us of our desire to stand out in the Aquarian crowd. February is a much calmer experience after the last two months of shifting planets, but we still have a potent Solar Eclipse (think of it like a super-charged New Moon) right after Valentine's Day that will have us thinking about the hopes and wishes we want to see grow in the future.

We may receive insight about what needs to be released so that we can stand up in our Leonine leadership and light up the collective Aquarian sky with our individual gifts. Mars in upbeat, enthusiastic Sagittarius will provide us with just enough fire to keep working through our Saturn in Capricorn projects, while the planets dance from socially active Aquarius into spiritual and dreamy Pisces. Spend time with friends and get involved in like-minded organizations during the first half of the month while we're in Aquarius. After that, take Pisces season as an opportunity to unplug from the matrix to defrag your inner workings before spring.

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March 21 to April 19

If January felt like a battering from all the work that suddenly found its way onto your plate, Aries, February will give you a moment to catch your breath. The workload is still there, but you'll be given a chance to have some fun with friends and also get so much needed solo time.


With the Eclipses lighting up your sector of Romance, Creativity, as well as the House of Wishes & Friendships, there's some fated meetings in the cards for you this month. Pay attention to whom you meet when out enjoying yourself, as new friendships can easily lead to relationships. A word of advice would be not to try to make anything be anything other than it is. Practice the art of vulnerability and openness, Aries. Everyone knows you naturally kick ass, but do they know you have a heart worth loving up on as well?


Think about infusing more imagination and creativity into your work. Working hard doesn't have to mean working uninspired. Part of being a trendsetter is being brave enough to do something never seen before. Take the first half of the month to draw Inspiration from your friends who may share your vision. You may find yourself extra fired up about your life philosophy. if you've been itching to restart a spiritual practice, this would be an excellent time to start. You can use welcomed downtime alone to reconnect with your inner voice. Come Spring, this will pay dividends, energizing your work with the bright ideas you come up with this month..


Me Time is part of your prescription for the Month, and after the Solar Eclipse on the 15th, you may want to go inside your personal bunker until your birthday next month. Consider this the dream time that happens before one breaks out of a seedling shell. Meditation, visioning, dream journaling, or even a spiritual retreat would be super helpful. Once your soul feels sufficiently recharged and settled, you'll be ready to bust onto the scene for your Solar return!

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