My Partner Is Only Vocal When He Orgasms, What Does That Mean?

My Partner Is Only Vocal When He Orgasms, What Does That Mean?

Most of us want our partners to enjoy themselves during sex. Unless you’re a selfish lover – which is a bigger issue for another day – knowing you are the source of your partner’s pleasure is the ultimate ego boost. Personally, when I hear the moans my partner makes when I do that little thing that they like ignites my water works in ways unimaginable. But what do you do when your partner is quiet? How do you know if they are enjoying it if the only thing you hear is crickets? This is exactly what one of my followers wanted to know. She asked me, what does it mean if her boyfriend is quiet during sex? Does his quietness mean he’s not enjoying it?

Because we have been conditioned to believe that good sex equals vocal sex—thanks to porn and media. We think the louder the moans the better the sex. Sound really has no bearing on the quality of sex. For instance, think about every time you faked it, were you really enjoying it? Or did you make sounds as if you were in hopes to fool your partner? Everyone responds differently during sex, some express pleasure through sighs, giggles, grunts, or screams while others express it through nonverbal reactions. Believe it or not, a lot of people find making sounds during sex embarrassing. Plus, some people just don’t like noisy sex.

Why Some Men Are Quiet During Sex

If your partner is male, having sex in silence is a thing they’ve been accustomed to for years. Men traditionally have been taught to not express emotion. They also have been having solo sex in secret for years, and have mastered the art of climaxing without a sound. So being overly vocal during sex can feel foreign to them. On top of that, a lot of men are not the greatest at multitasking and have a hard time doing multiple things at once. So when they’re having sex, all their concentration is on trying not to cum early and making sure you’re being pleased. Making sounds while in the moment is just not a priority!

How To Tell Your Partner’s Enjoying Sex if He’s Quiet 

Regardless of the reason, I totally understand wanting to have a vocal signal during sex. The moans of our partners give us validation that we were hitting all the right spots. However, if your partner is reserved in the bedroom, the best way to know if you’re doing a great job is by watching their body language. Do they get hard or aroused? Do they stay hard or aroused? Did they cum? Can you see their muscles tense? Does the expression on their face change? Are their fingers and toes curling? If the answer to any of these is yes, then it's a good possibility you’re doing something right. As long as they can walk the walk, then talking the talk isn't such a big deal.

How To Communicate Your Needs if You Want Your Partner To Be More Vocal

The best piece of advice I have for anyone wanting to change or improve anything in their bedroom is to communicate. If you want your partner to be more vocal during sex, communicate with them. Communication is the best — if not the only — way to improve your sex life. Tell your partner that you’d like for them to be more vocal during sex and explain how much it turns you on. Make them feel comfortable about it and create a nonjudgmental and open environment where they can express themselves fully. Also playing a little mood music can set the mood and create a sexy vibe and make you or your partner feel less self-conscious. Turning on music while having sex will help buffer any sexual sounds that allow everyone to be in the moment.

If full-on sex noises don’t come easily to your partner, experiment with eye contact. You can communicate just as much with your face as you can with your voice. Plus, looking into your partner’s eyes during sex makes the experience much more intense. Don’t worry about your facial expression — whatever your face naturally does is enough.

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