Teyana Taylor’s 'VII' Hit The Mark For One Of Today’s Generation Of R&B’s Best Debut Albums
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Teyana Taylor’s 'VII' Hit The Mark For One Of Today’s Generation Of R&B’s Best Debut Albums

I was first introduced to Teyana Taylor the way that many also were with her episode of MTV's My Super Sweet 16. After originally knowing the Harlem native as a dancer and choreographer, my ears were blown away when I learned that she not only had pipes, but she could blow! After being in the public eye, Teyana Taylor officially began her music career. From "Google Me" and The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor to being signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music, an R&B star was born with her debut album, VII.

The 14-track album was released in 2014 with her fan favorite "Maybe" being its lead single. The vision that Teyana had for the album was drawing from her inspirations such as Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Janet Jackson and Aaliyah to bring back that 90s R&B sound.

"Janet and Aaliyah are two of my biggest inspirations. Musically, Aaliyah gave you that young vibe that girls can relate to, and Janet gave you that grown-woman sexy. I wanted VII to be like, 'Oh yeah, my mom's buying me that album but she bought herself one too.' Like something a mother and daughter could rock out to," Teyana told The FADER after the album's release.

There was no one more perfect for the job to help her bring that vision to life than producer and songwriter Harmony Samuels. Along with producers like Boi-1da and The Order Music, there's no denying how seamless the production of the album is.

VII is a precisely sculpted R&B body of work where the lyrics explore Teyana's vulnerability and her passage into becoming a mature woman unafraid to put her sexuality on display with tracks like "Do Not Disturb" featuring Chris Brown. From the beginning with "Outta My League (Interlude)", Teyana holds her own among other R&B songstresses in the industry with her deep sultry tone and crystal clear vocals that leaves you wanting more.

Thankfully after four years, Teyana is blessing her fans with her sophomore album Keep The Same Energy.

Earlier this year, in an interview with Oyster, she revealed that the album was done and will be executive produced by Kanye West. "[The album is] just waiting on some minor tweaks and whatever last minute switches or edits and a green light from Kanye and should be good to go," she said.

Although G.O.O.D Music has a new seven-track format, Teyana suggests that her album will be that and then some. No doubt, it will be very exciting to hear what Teyana has to deliver and if there will be any features.

Keep The Same Energy will be released on June 22. Are you ready?

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