Taye Diggs & Apryl Jones On How They Met, Taking Things Slow & Navigating Conflict
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Taye Diggs & Apryl Jones On How They Met, Taking Things Slow & Navigating Conflict

Ever seen a couple that doesn't make sense on paper but the moment you see them together, you understand why they work? That's Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones for me. Despite being from two different walks of life, the love birds radiate "for life" energy and I completely believe them when they say that they are in this for the long haul. And not just because the chemistry and endless laughter the two seem to share act as an indication.

The pair made a soft launch as "just friends" virtually out of nowhere, appearing in one another's hilarious TikToks in 2021. And despite making several appearances together in public outings and on the red carpet, they seemed to duck and dodge, "are they or aren't they" questions for a while. Last year though, Taye seemingly confirmed his not-so-secret romance with Apryl and loved her out loud in a vulnerable Instagram post.

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones Open Up About Their Relationship

Taye and Apryl are taking being public about their relationship a step further in a recent appearance in the podcast, Unconsciously Coupled with Erinn and Oliver Hudson. In the episode, the couple spilled the tea on their love, how they met, and navigating conflict, and everything in between.

Taye Diggs & Apryl Jones on How They Met

In a meet-cute that is pretty common in the digital age, Taye explained to listeners that he and Apryl met on Instagram. "Not on purpose," he clarified before explaining that his single days post-divorce involved him scrolling on the app and looking at women in a way that he describes was like "porn a little bit. But just for the eyes." On one particular day, he came across a IG Reel and described Apryl as this "beautiful girl" that popped up on his Explore page lip-synching to an audio as a mother making fun of being a mother.

From there, he sent a message of, "You're hilarious." And thought that would be the end of it because, in his words, he felt that she and any of the girls he came across during his single days on IG were "out of his league." But not for the reasons you think.

Taye explained that he thought that he was "not what 'those types of girls' were looking for. That was my thing. I'm cool, but if I stay in my lane." He added that he imagined Apryl going for "rappers, ball players, other influencers." He joked that his musical theater background wasn't something he thought she'd be checking for.

And Apryl lowkey confirmed that later by mentioning that Taye was not the type of guy that she or people in her circle would bring up if they are talking about dating pursuits. But luckily the actor took a chance by sliding in her DMs with a genuine remark that had nothing to do with her beauty because it was enough to capture Apryl's eye and a couple of days later prompt a response. Apryl gave him her number and the rest was history.

On Their First Date & Taking It Slow

After exchanging numbers, Taye and Apryl took things relatively slow. Thanks to Apryl being away due to filming in Atlanta, they were able to get to know each other offline and long-distance for a month and a half. Taye said that it gave him space which he needed because he was very nervous in his pursuit of her. They described the getting-to-know-each-other phase of theirs before meeting as a fun time where they texted, called, and sent videos back and forth to one another.

When they were finally ready to meet in person, Apryl made it known that Taye stood her up twice for plans on the same day. Taye's son Walker would be the reason for standing her up both times, which Apryl understood because she also has kids. Taye said it was a "test" and that he was impressed that she was "super cool about it" both times. "I was like, 'It's all cool.' Like, I have kids, I know what this is like. Cool, whatever. And then, he asked me for another date."

The third time would be the charm as they finally made their first date happen. Taye was late to the dinner date but Apryl absolved him of his sins because of how good he looked and how "chocolate" he was. Apparently, the date was well worth the wait in more ways than one because they ended up talking for hours up until they were the only two people left in the restaurant.

"It felt really easy," Apryl noted. "In my mind, I was hoping he'd say, 'Let's continue this somewhere.' And he was just like, 'I have to go back to my dog.' And I was like, your fucking dog? Your fucking dog?" Taye commented that in reality he was "petrified" of what was unfolding between them which is something Apryl said he would confess to her months into their relationship. "When you wait, you can't go wrong. You only go wrong when you rush," he said. "But, I was petrified."

Speaking of not being in a rush, Taye had the "taking it slow" phase on lock. Apryl revealed that they didn't touch for months, not even a kiss. They nurtured a friendship before entering a relationship. The moment of truth would eventually come when Taye invited her to a Christmas party that he said held a lot of significance for him. He had a lot of nerves about it but was blown away by how well "she held the room." It would be a turning point for their budding relationship.

On Learning to Navigate Conflict in a Healthy Way & Being Comitted No Matter What

Taye said that she intimidated him then and she still intimidates him now, which is what he feels he needs. "I think I need someone to keep me occupied. Not that it's game playing but I feel like I'm boxing above my weight. So I'm always on, I'm always on guard, you know what I mean?"

Apryl later said, "I know what I want. I know what I want. And I'm very clear on that. And I tell him all the time, like, I want you. Now get your fucking shit together or... I'm very stern on that." She added, "It's the mere fact that he knows, I don't play with my emotions."

In a very real way, the couple eventually segued into how they navigate conflict in their relationship and Apryl pointed to therapy, communication, and understanding being cornerstones of how they hold space for one another in the relationship during disagreements. Taye noted that the work was worth it because the relationship is worth it. "With him, the reason why we work is because we have a willingness to work at whatever it is," she explained.

"We talk a lot about things so also his trauma I can see in his movements and vice versa so I have a deeper understanding and love and patience with him because of why I see his habits are a particular way... We're going to do these things together or I'm going to help you get through these [things], you know what I mean? Because I don't want to change who he is."

Taye said that one of their big issues is a small issue and that is channeling vulnerability. Also, learning to accept the fact that they have different perspectives sometimes is a game changer when broaching difficult topics that come up in their relationship. That's how she feels, he said, and I have to accept that.

Before they got to that place though, Taye admitted that they would often shut the relationship down during conflict, threaten to leave, and sometimes actually leave the relationship. While they noted that there is no cheating or other people in their relationship, a lot of their arguments are rooted in the past and fear and would sometimes blow up due to mismanaging conflict when they encountered it.

Taye counted a total of three times that they broke up and made up again during their relationship (some of which we the people might have caught wind of from Instagram un-follows and re-follows). Now the couple has made the conscious decision to not activate that trigger during disagreements and to instead be "committed" to the relationship "no matter what."

On Waiting to Have Sex & How It Helped Their Relationship

In the episode, Taye and Apryl shouted out the fact that taking it slow ultimately benefitted their relationship in a number of ways. Apryl said the sex was amazing, she was happy they didn't start off with sex because they were able to create a healthy relationship with sex versus it becoming a foundation that a relationship is built on.

She said that sometimes starting off a relationship with sex makes it all that matters. "But with him, waiting scared me, number one. But number two, it was appreciated because it wasn't the first go-to for me with him. I don't fall on the sex. Although that is the most incredible thing, it is everything before that."

Apryl even recounted a trip to Mexico that they took around the holidays and the fact that she and Taye slept in the same bed together but still didn't do anything physical. It's the build-up for us. It wouldn't be until New Year's Eve when they were at dinner together sometime later, on shrooms and unable to keep their hands off of each other that they would solidify the physical aspect of their romance.

"The night was just so awesome," she recalled. After such an incredible night, Apryl said they woke up and decided they were officially together.

On Realizing They Were Each Other's "One"

Feeling like they were out of each other's leagues was something Taye and Apryl both expressed in different ways while on the podcast. Taye also touched on how becoming more in touch with his spirituality as a form of healing after his divorce opened him to see a life for himself with someone in a way that a past version of him might have not been open to.

"Meeting Apryl on Instagram and having her be... like, I saw her as a thing that didn't fit. She wasn't supposed to be with me, you know what I mean? But there was some-... I thought. But there was something inside me- the universe or spirit or whatever, God- that was like, 'Don't do what you always do. Just go with it. Just go with it...'" He continued, "And every time I took a step [in the relationship], it was great."

Taye also described signs that happened throughout their courtship that told him that Apryl was the one, including a psychic who had no idea they were dating pointing Apryl out as "the one." The conversation eventually shifts into their humor and the fact that the co-hosts knew Apryl was someone special to Taye because of the way she was able to make him laugh.

"That's the thing for me," Apryl said about their humor, "I always prayed for someone I could laugh with all the time because I feel like life is supposed to be light."

On the night before they became official, the two had a shroom ceremony on New Year's Eve where they learned that their relationship was "ordained by God," they knew each other in past lives, and that they are together for a reason and for a purpose that is beyond them to help other people see love. If their bond is any indication, Taye and Apryl are most definitely succeeding in that purpose.

Listen to the episode in full below: 

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