6 Times Michael B. Jordan & Tessa Thompson's Off-Screen Chemistry Had Us Wanting To See The Real Thing
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6 Times Michael B. Jordan & Tessa Thompson's Off-Screen Chemistry Had Us Wanting To See The Real Thing

While some of us might have mourned the demise of Michael B. Jordan's most recent public relationship, some of us had a different love pairing on our minds. Oh, just me? Anyway, the undeniable chemistry between Michael B. Jordan and his long-standing Creed love interest Tessa Thompson has been one that has caught my attention from the very beginning. And it wasn't just the dazzling magic brewing between them on-screen. No, it was the air between them that I saw from red carpet to red carpet, a reality that has only amplified over the years and most recently on the red carpet for the Creed III European premiere.

The moments between the two stars and the on-screen married couple were off the charts while they stood side by side for photo ops in a now-viral moment shared by E! News on TikTok.

When your co-star is a total knock-out. 😍 #MichaelBJordan and #TessaThompson have our whole hearts at the #Creed3 premiere.


When your co-star is a total knock-out. 😍 #MichaelBJordan and #TessaThompson have our whole hearts at the #Creed3 premiere.

The 36-year-old might have been making his directorial debut official like a whistle that night, but the general consensus was the shipping of the two stars making an off-screen romance a real thing. While Michael lowkey seems to have chemistry with a few of his female co-stars (Kate Mara and Lupita N'yongo come to mind), we can acknowledge fire chemistry where there's smoke. And there's most definitely smoke.

Don't believe us? Keep scrolling for the times these two co-stars' chemistry had us wanting to see the real thing.

When they graced the cover of 'Entertainment Weekly' for 'Creed II'...

In the behind-the-scenes video of their Entertainment Weekly cover shown above, Tessa said about the actor who plays Adonis in the trilogy, "You're charming, you are." She continued, "Your dimples..." before trailing off and adding about Michael's pecs, "How you move them like that," before the two share a laugh.

Later in the BTS interview, Tessa discussed her approach to her character in the franchise and her commitment to evolving Bianca Taylor's agency from film to film, particularly in her music which Tessa co-wrote and performed for the films. "She's a phenomenal artist," Michael interjected to commend her artistry. "It's incredible to see the way she works. Her work ethic in the studio is incredible..."

When they had this exchange on the 'Creed II' premiere red carpet...

Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

When they attended a 'Creed' appearance...

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

When they had a laugh-inducing rapport while introducing an Amazon Studios event...

It's brief but sweet, especially because the two laugh so effortlessly together.

When they attended a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta event...

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

When Tessa sorta kinda acknowledged her chemistry with Michael... 

Speaking of chemistry, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Tessa detailed her chemistry test with Michael and Ryan Coogler for Creed. When the host suggested that apparently she and Michael had chemistry, Tessa responded that there was a part of the chemistry test where "apparently" MBJ was "caught looking at my butt."

She later said that she doesn't know anything about chemistry but apparently whatever she did worked.

There might not be cause for a will they won't they type question surrounding the actors, but if nothing else the chemistry we have seen on and off screen has allowed a great friendship to flourish.

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