Tamera Mowry-Housley Gives An Intimate Tour Of Her Napa Valley Home
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Tamera Mowry-Housley Gives An Intimate Tour Of Her Napa Valley Home

There are currently 11 active wildfires in California, sending the Golden State into a perpetual state of turmoil and chaos over the past few weeks and we are politely asking that Jesus take the wheel. So far, the Kincade Fire alone has covered more than 74,000 acres and professionals say it could take weeks to completely contain, leaving Napa Valley and Sonoma residents scared for their homes; so much so, that The Real'sTamera Mowry-Housley had to take a few days off work to hold down the fort.

Tamera, who now shares a Napa Valley home with her husband and two children, took a day off from work last week to assess the damages. Last Tuesday, when she returned to the show, the actress explained:

"I feel like I'm surrounded by fires, because you know I live up in Northern California as well. We lost power for the day, and then I had to fly over the fires. I thought I was gonna die. That was not a fun experience."

Tamera explained that last week, the fire got so intense that she could smell the fumes hundreds of feet in the air. Last week, when the 41-year-old hopped on a plane to return to work after her brief leave of absence she says that at one point, she wondered if it would be the last flight she'd ever take:

"The air was horrible and I felt like our plane was on fire because you could literally smell the fire while you're in the plane. And the turbulence? It was bad, you guys. I thought that was it. I literally started texting my family... literally, there was a point where the turbulence was so bad I just sat there and was like 'Okay, alright, Lord, I just don't want to feel anything."

Luckily, it appears that Tamera's simple sanctuary wasn't compromised by the blaze and before the fires started, The Sister, Sister star gave us an inside glimpse at the place she and her family call home. Complete with an open kitchen floor plan, vintage collectibles, and a man cave that is perfectly suited for her husband, Adam, the couple worked hard to compromise and customize a dream house that channels both of their vibes equally.

For an intimate look inside the Housley's Napa Valley home, scroll below!

Living Quarters

According to Tamera, between her husband's love for antiques and her eye for style, it's been easy to come together and make their home an expression of them both as individuals.

"He is a collector, he absolutely loves things. I'm the opposite. But I knew that I wanted to make our home work for the both of us."

The Man Cave 

"I wanted to change the paint (on the walls) after he put everything up and I asked him if I could do it. He was like, 'No, Tamera, no,' and I said, 'But babe, it doesn't match the rest of the house!' So he went away. I had somebody take pictures of how everything was placed. I painted over it — and he had no idea!"

Family Momentos 

No home is complete without family, and the Housely household makes sure to cherish the ones they love every day. One of Tamera's favorite places in her home is a collage of precious memories that are displayed as soon as guests enter the house.

"This explains who we are right when people walk in. Every home I've had, I've always loved a collage of family."

On the wall is a picture of Tamera's niece, Alaina, who was one of the 12 people killed in the Thousand Oaks mass shooting last November. The mother-of-two explained that by having a constant reminder of her loved one, she is able to remember that her legacy lives on in her heart forever.

"It's a moment in time I will never forget. And what it teaches me is that you never know when God is going to call you. You never know when it's time to be called home, so really love on your loved ones in the moment."

Poolside Chillin' 

"This is the spot in the summer. The kids play, I, you know, lay on the lounge chairs, read a book, have a glass of wine..."

Big Comfy Kitchen

During the segment, Tamera used the opportunity to pitch the idea for a cooking show starring her and her sister, who she says make quite the duo in the kitchen.

"When we lived together, she would always cook the meal, I would always bake. And then we invite our friends, celebrity friends, over and just have a great dinner."

Featured image by @tameramowrytwo.

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