8  Makeup Trends We're Dying To Rock This Valentine's Day
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8 Makeup Trends We're Dying To Rock This Valentine's Day

We know Valentine’s Day is a loaded holiday. But listen, it’s okay to enjoy the day whether you’re celebrating solo or with someone you love. With that said, let’s talk all things beauty. Even if you loathe them, the holidays are a time to have some creative fun. So instead of making homemade Valentine’s Day for our elementary school friends, we can turn that creativity on ourselves.

This creative moment doesn’t mean getting complicated unless intricate looks are your specialty. We’ve rounded up a few looks to get your inner makeup artist going from the simplistic to the more detailed. And we chatted with award-winning Juvia's Place makeup artist, Ashley Wallace who also works with artists such as Remy Ma and Cardi B to get her insights on what we should try on for this fun-loving holiday. So have fun, enjoy the day, and remember self-love is always the best place to start!

Leave Home Blushing

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Don’t think about blush in terms of the ‘80s. The formulas are much easier to use and fix, and Wallace says this is a 2023 trend to get into ASAP. “Blush is the perfect touch you will need for your Valentine’s Day makeup look,” she tells xoNecole. “You can play with pink and rosy tones to keep your look super flirty and fun. The Juvia’s Place Blush Duos are perfect.”

Dewy Skin with an Ombré Red Lip

I don’t know about you, but I’m still not rushing to put on a full face of foundation and powder. However, one thing that instantly makes me feel a sense of glam is a bright matte lip. So whether you’re headed out for date night with bae or going out solo, swipe on a red that makes you feel your best, but Wallace says to add a little twist. “Try an ombré red lip,” she tells us. “It consists of darkening the lipliner with a deep reddish/brown and filling in the center of the lips with your favorite red lipstick and blending the two colors together. It creates the perfect sultry lip look.”

As for the dewy skin, try a primer with a few daps of concealer under the eyes, around the mouth, and on any spots, you’d like to diffuse.

Go Full Volume on Your Lashes or Opt for White Eyeliner

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Lashes instantly wake up even the most tired eyes. So go for the gusto with a set of lashes that wow. To make the eyes pop even more, line the eyes with white liner or place a dab of gold highlighter in the corners.

Wear Pink

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like the color pink. If you’re feeling bold, go for an all-over eye look with a pink hue that best matches your skin tone, or opt for a pink winged liner. Danessa Myricks Color Fix Matte in Valentine is the perfect formula for either look.

To use the formula as a liner, you only need a thin brush, micellar water, and Q-tips to clean up mistakes. If you prefer a powder, try Fenty Beauty’s Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette in rose, as it has mattes and shimmers.

Go for the Gold with a Smokey Look

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A traditional smokey eye is always a beauty do. But to brighten up the eyes, apply a shimmer eyeshadow to the middle of the lid over your nude or black base. For a full-on gold glam look, I use a deep brown base and layer that with a barely there line of liquid liner and a gold liquid shimmer shadow from Milani. As a result, the eyes have depth and shine, perfect for a night full of love.

Classic Hollywood Glam

Keep it classic with liquid-lined eyes and a glossy red lip. Before applying your lipstick, slough away dead skin (and line your lips) because liquid lipsticks can show everything under the lipstick.

Sparkle, BB

Okay. We can’t all get away with an entire crystal look like Doja Cat at Paris Fashion Week. However, we can add a few crystals or glitter to our makeup looks. For glitter lips, adorn them with Pat McGrath’s runway-tested glitter kit. For the eyes, add red or pink rhinestones to take your look over the top! Just be sure to have the right tools on deck: tweezer, cosmetic glue (lash glue can work), and rhinestones.

Add a Pink Cut Crease

I love seeing cut creases done on videos on TikTok. It’s so satisfying, even if I haven’t perfected the technique. Getting this down might take some practice, but we all know practice makes perfect.

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