Lizzo Taught Us Her Go-To Makeup Routine For A Simple Everyday Beat
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Lizzo Taught Us Her Go-To Makeup Routine For A Simple Everyday Beat

Lizzo is taking her stab at being a beauty influencer. Well, kinda.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, the "About Damn Time" singer showed fans how she does her own semi-full face beat after "giving her makeup artist the day off" and inviting fans to apply makeup with her. She opened the video with a bare face, sharing, "I'm excited 'cause I just bought a bunch of cool new stuff, so I think I'm gonna try to give myself a semi-full face beat,...semi, as in do a little...and we might even do a lash."

Sidebar: can we get into this skin, though!? Whew!

Here's the routine:

First up, applying color corrector.

Lizzo applied a red Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish! Color Corrector, which is used to neutralize discoloration and dark under-eye circles on warm and dark skin tones. "I finally found the color corrector, which I normally don't use if I'm doing my own makeup, but let's play with it today."

Next, she lightly contours her face.

For contour, Lizzo relies on her favorite Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Sculpting Powder Contour. "My favorite little natural contour at the moment. Just gonna give a little depth here."

She moved on to grooming her brows with her brow wand, and she couldn't help but notice her natural 'brows were flawless.

"Oh my god my brows are f–king beautiful and I don't even do nothing to them. I'm really grateful. Thank you God and my parents — I got my daddy's eyebrows."

After apply a quick lip mask, she then uses a tinted moisturizer as her foundation. 

While blending in her tinted moisturizer, which she says she uses as a foundation for a natural finish, she adds a little concealer and evens it out with a wedged makeup sponge. "That may be my secret as to why when I do my own makeup it looks so natural is because I used a tinted moisturizer, not a foundation."

Sis then throws on a little banana powder to set, builds her a stunning lash (with primer), and finishes the beat by filling her brows and thanking our fave, "God Bless Pat McGrath."

Lizzo, we need more of these, please!

Watch the full makeup routine video here:


GRWM🫨 I got some new makeup!

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Featured image by Sarah Morris/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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