Jhené Aiko's Vibrational Healing Will Get Your Chakras All The Way Together
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Jhené Aiko's Vibrational Healing Will Get Your Chakras All The Way Together

"Breathing deeply can change everything."

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Whether it was your co-worker, neighbor, homegirl, or partner, somebody got on the last nerve you had today, and it's only morning. Before you find yourself in a situation where you have let somebody know that you're saved, not soft, take a listen to Jhené Aiko's newest track, which promises to align your chakras and get your mindset for the week all the way together. "Trigger Protection Mantra," released last weekend, is a six-minute sound meditation that was created for "relaxation purposes" using a harmonic combination of chords that will heal you from the inside out. On Instagram, she explained:

"The E note will help in oversensitivity to criticism, will support in releasing the need to control, and support the boosting of self-esteem. Note of A will support release of nightmares and learning difficulties and strengthen high intuition and charisma. Note of high C connects to the cosmos, to the quantum field in the vibrational frequency of love. Super powerful notes, voicings and Alchemies."

If you're someone who's struggling to level up your meditation game but feel lost AF, this melody of singing bowls combined with Jhene's forever-calming voice may be the perfect place to start. To Jhené, meditation has been the key to her surviving a number of tough times in her life and recommends that all of us take at least a few minutes to "woosah" every damn day.

"When you're at a red light, just take that time to breathe. I've found that there are so many opportunities throughout the day to meditate. It's really just as simple as taking a moment to breathe in and out and focusing on your breath to the point where you're not thinking about anything else—you're just breathing. Breathing deeply can change everything."

In the past, Jhené, who released her last project Trip in 2017, has been open about her struggle with depression after losing her brother to cancer in 2012 and says that along with meditation, sound has been a major part of her healing. After giving birth to her daughter, getting married, and filing for divorce all within the last decade, the "Triggered" singer has had her fair share of bad days, but Jhené says that the fire that lights her up every morning is the ability to inspire others.

Last year, in an interview with E! News, the 31-year-old songstress said that she's become a new woman and now, she's on a mission to help others access that same transformation:

"I want to reach people's spirits and souls. I'm just really trying to take the time and heal myself and share the things that are helping me throughout my journey."

Emotional wounds can be just as damaging as physical ones, and sadly, most of us don't see it this way, but according to Jhené, taking responsibility for your inner peace isn't a choice, issa necessity:

"Healing your spirit and mind are just as important as healing your body. I think there's a lot of discussion about mental health. It goes deeper than just taking medication. Something deep is going on when you're out of whack… In my chakra studies, when the root chakra is out of balance, meaning you're unsure, not grounded or your instincts are off, it helps to be in nature and be a part of it."

For Jhené, protecting her energy is a superpower, one that has come in handy in a number of unsettling situations:

"Any time you feel that you're giving too much or someone is taking too much from you, block your solar plexus. Now, when someone is barking at me, especially in relationship situations, I do that, and it works."

Listen to the full song below!

Jhené Aiko - Trigger Protection Mantrawww.youtube.com

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