Halle Berry Breaks The Internet While Living Her Best Carefree Soft Life At 56: ‘I Do What I Want To Do’
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Halle Berry Breaks The Internet While Living Her Best Carefree Soft Life At 56: ‘I Do What I Want To Do’

Halle Berry is embracing freedom when it comes to her body. In fact, the 56-year-old John Wick: Chapter 3 megastar shared a photo doing so while standing naked on her balcony and sipping out of a wine glass.

"I do what I wanna do," Berry captioned the photo. "Happy Saturday."

The Oscar-winning actress casually dropped one of the most talked about photos of the year and didn't even think twice about it, ultimately cementing what we all know: that she is living her best, soft life off the radar, and being unapologetic about it--something we wish for all Black women.

And even when hit by trolls and criticism from the photo, instead of letting the comment rile her up, Berry responded with a fun fact in a now-deleted tweet: "Did you guys know the heart of a shrimp is located in its head?"

Her social media approved, saying:

The best part? She honestly isn't new to casually dropping internet-breaking nude-ish pics. In fact, she shared another on her Instagram a few weeks ago.

Halle Berry on Instagram: "hump day self love 🤍"

And did the same back in 2021:

Halle Berry on Instagram: "vacay drip… ☀️"

Up until now, Berry moved at hyper-speed in pursuit of her next love. And now for the first time, she is living at her pace, no matter who doesn't like it. She told Prevention last year, “In my 30s, I was so focused on career, but I had a desire to have children and be a mother. So I felt I was lacking something,” she explained. “In my 40s, I took the decade to be at home and have children and be a mom. But my career was lacking—I longed to be back at work.” (Berry has two children—Nahla, with ex-boyfriend model Gabriel Aubry, and Maceo, with her ex-husband actor Olivier Martinez.)

Then, after a group meditation in India in 2017, she saw a shift. “The shaman told me I would see things more clearly going forward and would need to react and act. And he was right,” Berry recalled. She began taking more control—she fired her agent for pitching her monotonously and began living out a new life. She told AARP in January 2022:

“It empowered me. Sometimes we know something or see something or feel something, and we talk ourselves out of it. I no longer do that. We’re all going to get older. Our skin is going to shrivel up and we’re going to look different. I see things changing with my face and body, but I’ve never put all my eggs in that basket. I’ve always known that beauty is deeper than the physical body you’re walking around in."

And living out a new life, she is. Even so much recently to randomly attend a drag queen brunch in LA where she was seen dancing and again, living out loud.

"Ms. Berry I see you're on 10 today...and I APPROVE."

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