Exclusive: Meagan Good On Loving 'What's Next' & Putting Down Roots For The First Time In Her Life
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Exclusive: Meagan Good On Loving 'What's Next' & Putting Down Roots For The First Time In Her Life

The Intruder. Think Like a Man Too. Jumping the Broom. Roll Bounce. Stomp the Yard. Cousin Skeeter. Eve’s Bayou. These are just a few of the most notable projects listed on the resume of Miss Meagan Good - who is and will always be good in our book. Now, the multifaceted actress with range for miles is returning to our screens for a reprising role as Camille Parks for the second season of Tracy Oliver’s Harlem.

The 41-and-fabulous actress is taking on the second season of the Amazon Prime original series and giving the fans the answers they’ve been waiting for as it pertains to her character Camille. In an exclusive xoNecole interview, Meagan Good shared her thoughts on the power of transition and what moving forward looks like to her off-screen.

Similar to her Harlem character Camille, Good has been experiencing a lot of life transitions including the announcement of her divorce from DeVon Franklin, quitting drinking, and gearing up for new projects including the second season of Harlem.

“I love the what next feeling and I think we feel that often as actors because our literal job is literally a faith walk every single day. When are we going to get our next job? In some cases, are we going to get our next job?” Good shared with xoNecole about the feeling of anticipation amidst transition as it relates to her career. “But I think having that faith of like, no, it's when, and I don't know when, but I'm trusting that it's coming, allows you to kind of always have this hopeful anticipation, this wonder of, I don't know where I'm going to be next.”

From Barcelona and Vancouver to the set of Warner Bros. Studios, Meagan Good tells xoNecole that she’s “lived in that for a majority” of her life as an actress, always on the go between gigs and personal time, if any at all. While she tries her best to keep things in order with routines and regimens, she admits that “if things become too regimented for me, then I start to get a little stir-crazy.”

Good continued, “I need different energy and different vibes, which is part of why I love being on this show because even though there's a regiment to playing the same character, to coming into the same stages, to coming to New York, there's also such a free-spirited [energy of] like you never know what New York's going to bring you.” The excitement of never knowing what is going to come out of a co-star’s mouth, how another will roll up dressed in their ensemble, or what script they're going to read fuels her passion for her career as she feeds off of the adrenaline of moving forward, onwards, and upwards.

Last year in particular was the biggest what’s next moment that Good has ever experienced - buying her first home. “I will say last year, that what's next was a little bit - that was probably the first one where I was like, oh, I wasn't ready for that one. I just bought my first home,” Good shared.

“I picked out the home of my dreams that I've been wanting for the longest time, and I was able to just recently put down roots and start decorating it. And as much as I'm traveling right now and promoting and working, it is wonderful to come home to those roots because I don't feel like I've actually had a home since I was 15,” she admitted, which was the age when she starred in Eve’s Bayou alongside Jurnee Smollett, Lynn Whitfield, and Debbi Morgan. Her breakout role catapulted her career into opportunity after opportunity, which didn’t afford her much time to practice stillness as she ventured into adulthood in the spotlight.

Good continued, “The year before was a lot of nomad-ing around where I was just trying to figure out my life, where am I going to live? What's going on next? But I feel that what next, even when you anticipate it and you're excited about it, is wonderful. Even when you don't anticipate it, even after the storm, it's pretty freaking wonderful because I think it produces so much inside of you that makes you stronger and makes you have more authority over yourself, and makes you more helpful to other people, and just all these wonderful things. So I think what's next is pretty freaking wonderful.”

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