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Many of us are trading our heels to become sneakerheads-in-training, thanks to these classics.


Typically, I am more of a heels girl; so much so, people are convinced I am taller than I am because on a daily I am normally sporting a heeled ankle boot, mules or sandals of some sort. However, life has come at me fast and my schedule is booked and busy. Even the thought of running around in heels all the time is tiring and now there are so many cute sneaker options I am slowly becoming a sneakerhead and I love to see it. I am slowly moving on from the "dad/ugly sneaker" phase onto a sneakerhead classic Air Jordan 1 Retro High OGs.

Although Adidas has been running things with all their celebrity collaborations, Nike is still holding its place with their biggest collaboration of all time: Michael Jordan's Jumpman brand and its Air Jordan 1 Retro high OGs (which are back on the scene). First released in 1995, the brand has released the style in the original and new colorways through various drops.

My IG is being spammed with street style looks featuring Air Jordan 1 Retro High OGs and so I've been influenced. I have bookmarked a couple of looks and got my eye on a pair. I particularly like one of the latest women's drops in black and white and the various black, white and red colorways, and so I am currently looking for where I can find a pair in my size. With drops selling out immediately and I am seeing resell prices in the thousands, I am calling it, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OGs are the sneakers of the year, so I advise you secure a pair ASAP.

If you are adding the OGs to your wishlist like me, here are a few of my favorite looks from IG for some inspiration for how to style this classic with your current closet:


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Featured image via Ryan Destiny/Instagram

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