Beyoncé Makes Raising $7.1 Billion To End Poverty Look Sexy

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Leave it up to Beyoncé to make efforts to eliminate poverty look so fierce.

Many of us have been on our social media feeds wishing that we were in South Africa to witness the slaying she and husband Jay-Z delivered during the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100. The event took place in Johannesburg, South Africa at the FDN stadium where most of its guest in attendance were those who took the time to assist their community in ways big and small through the Global Citizen organization.

The Carters made an epic 90-minute appearance leading to an influx of donations. At the end of the efforts, Beyoncé excitingly reported that the festival, its performers, and its festival-goers collectively raised $7.1 billion to aid Global Citizen in their efforts to eradicate extreme poverty:

"After settling in at home from a beautiful trip to South Africa and India, I am still in awe that 7.1 BILLION dollars was raised to aid Global Citizen in its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty… Every person in the audience at FNB Stadium earned a seat because they generously donated their time to help their community. Now their efforts and the money raised will help improve education, healthcare, sanitation, women's rights, and countless other causes for millions across the globe."

In addition to raising funds to end poverty and honoring Nelson Mandela's legacy 100 years after his birth, Beyoncé made sure to put the designers of her breathtakingly beautiful costumes that she wore onstage, and fashion she rocked offstage on the map through shout outs on Instagram.

This now puts designers like Quiteria & George alongside more globally popular brands like Versace and Balmain. Their visit was filled with great vibes, beautiful and culturally rich fashion, and of course great music. Beyoncé gushed:

"I felt so much positivity and pride in the audience at Global Citizen: Mandela 100. Madiba, Johannesburg, and all of my African sisters and brothers, we hope we made you as proud as you all make us. South Africa was an extraordinary trip for me and my family. God bless."

Although the Carters usually like to leave an air of mystery to their lives, in honor of being in the mother land, Beyoncé also recently took to Instagram to show love to the dope African designers she wore for going "so hard" and keeping her "feeling fresh":


This contemporary womenswear brand was behind her green and blue colorblock set, a piece from their MMUSOMAXWELL SS16 collection.

Featured image by Beyonce/Instagram.

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