5 Travel Accommodation Options Other Than Airbnb

5 Travel Accommodation Options Other Than Airbnb

If you love Airbnb just as much as I do, don't fret. I've mainly used Airbnb for most of my travels and have even met amazing people when using the platform. Like the night I grabbed cocktails with my host after attending a conference in Austin, I was thankful for their warm welcome to the city since I traveled there alone. Or even the time I used Airbnb Experiences to book a tea ceremony in Kyoto, Japan, I still keep up with the host today, and we often talk on social media. I haven't tried the Airbnb Adventures feature yet, but hopefully, I can snag one of those trips with the world starting to open back up.

However, Airbnb doesn't simply accommodate all the needs of travelers. With remote work becoming increasingly popular and the needs of travelers evolving, it's best to look at all the options we have when looking for a place to stay. Some travelers are looking for spaces that foster a sense of community; others are looking for the best remote work set up, while others need a space that still feels like home.

If you're a rookie traveler or looking to start your nomadic life, these options might be the best fit for you.


Outsite is a platform that has co-living and co-working spaces for professionals. With an Outside membership, you can book aesthetically pleasing and Pinterest-worthy housing abroad and in the states. You can book short- and or long-term stays for each space. If you're looking to be a part of a community while country-hopping with a trusted place, Outsite might be a good fit for you. Some of the other benefits of being a part of their community are monthly deals, partner perks, and even a reward program.

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WIFI Tribe 

WIFI Tribe is a tribe of nomads traveling together in different chapters across the globe. This option is excellent for people looking for their travel crew while testing out the nomadic lifestyle. With WIFI Tribe, you stay in a co-living/co-working space for about four to six weeks with other members of the tribe. You can pick and choose what chapters you want to be involved in. You have to apply and go through an interview process (which I've done!). Once you're accepted, you can pick what chapter you want to be part of. For 2021, a few trips they have planned are for Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Ecuador.


Noirbnb is similar to Airbnb, but was created out of the need to accommodate and celebrate Black travelers. Founder Stefan Grant created the platform after experiencing discrimination while staying in an Airbnb. You can also host your home on this platform, if you're looking to make extra income. They also provide a concierge service for customers, looking for a luxe experience. If you're looking to support a Black-owned, booking site, don't overlook Noirbnb.

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Sonder describes itself as a "game-changer" in the travel space, noting that, "Hotels aren't always hip. Hosts aren't always reliable," on their site. I've stayed in a Sonder home while visiting Atlanta, the chic and modern apartment truly felt like mine for the week. When I stayed I felt like I had the perks of a hotel, and the seamless check-in process made me feel like I wasn't staying in someone's home. Sonder is currently in about 30 cities and 8 countries, so you'll have plenty to choose from. The price range is reasonable, and I've found Sonders for sometimes as low as $80 a night.


Calling all my #vanlife fam! Please refer to here and here if you have not seen people living unconventionally out of decked-out vans. OutDoorsy is the perfect site to experience a van and or RV life without having to cough over a massive amount of money. There is a wide range of choices you can choose from. If you need an off-the-grid experience and want to see what it's like to live, cook, and chill in a van all while waking up to views of beaches or mountain tops, then don't look over this site.

Summer 2021 travels seem to be in full swing for some folks, so switch up your trips by choosing a unique places to stay.

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