Adult-Friendly Retreats And Camps For The Recharge You Crave
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Adult-Friendly Retreats And Camps For The Recharge You Crave

Tap into the kid adventurer in you with these options.


Many of us are familiar with summer camps, having attended one (or 10) in our lifetimes, and we can share some great memories of spending time camping, volunteering, meeting new friends, and learning. Whether you found them enriching or just an experience to get you out of the house during breaks from school, there's something to be said about having a special place to go for a customized experience that you'll never forget.

But what happens when we're adults with bills to pay and responsibilities that go well beyond just making it to the next grade, worrying about when our first kiss will be or wishing we were "grown"? With all this talk of self-care and wellness, shouldn't we be still partaking in summer camps of our own?

Well, before you start to say goodbye to summer, check out a few options for adult summer camps and retreats to either check out this year or to plan to put on your calendar for next year:

Camp No Counselors

This camp offers adventure and camaraderie in the form of public camps, private retreats, and what they call "camp recharge." The all-inclusive weekends in New York and California include sports activities, fitness, and talent shows, where you can tap into the kid in you, meet new friends via "friendship walks," and just get to add a bit of adult fun to your summer. While the California experience has passed, there's a New York experience happening from September 2 to the 5th.

Adult Space Camp

If you've always loved astrology or astronomy, this is the perfect camp for you to tap into that childhood fascination. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, this came happens between May and September and offers an immersive experience. You'll learn what it takes to be an astronaut and get the opportunity to participate in interactive missions.

OmNoire Retreats

Centering on creating a space for Black women to "heal, grow, and find support of a grounding community," these retreats offer several options throughout the end of summer and into fall for women looking to connect, relax, and decompress while learning more about themselves. Several of them are hosted abroad (in locations that include Brazil and Cape Town South Africa) and include activities like yoga and hikes.

Club Getaway

You can enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking and ziplining at this camp and they have options that span into the fall. One in October includes a live band and opportunities to enjoy a stay in "rustic cabins," a campfire with s'mores, "Bloody Mary Bingo" and an aerial park.

Africa With Us

This camp incorporates fitness and dance in an immersive experience in Africa. Exploring countries including Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana, participants can enjoy team-building activities like dance circles, tug-of-war, communal dinners, and more opportunities to explore, connect, and revive.

Summercamp, Oak Bluffs Hotel

If you like a bit of boutique hotel-style luxe, here's a summer camp that offers just that. Held at the Oak Bluffs Hotel, features nostalgic touches, a game room where you can play classics like Twitter, beaches, and casual dining options. You'll get a vibe of Massachusetts' Martha's Vineyard with this one, and enjoy "gingerbread camp cottages" within a village environment.

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