Why I Got My Vag Snatched Before I Gave Birth

Why I Got My Vag Snatched Before I Gave Birth

Waxing before delivery can seem a little extreme.

But, there are certain “ womanly things" we do as a women that some may consider to be non-negotiables. They're the things that allow you to go through life with a sense of dignity and self respect. They're tiny gestures you give to the world, and in turn yourself, letting those around you know that you respect yourself and you respect the people that enter into your personal space.

These “womanly things" were things that I've carried with all through life and as I got older, I realized that this seemingly simple nuances were not always a constant for other women around me. This reality was not only a shock to me, but it was actually a tad bit irritating.

I learned at a very young age to brush my teeth before sitting in my dentist's chair. The doctor should not see nor smell the Carne Asada burrito I more than likely scarfed down before my visit. And in case you were wondering, instead of thrusting my legs into the stirrups at the gynecologist, silently wondering if the doctor can tell that I went to the gym right before my appointment, I always make sure my schedule is clear and that I shower before any gyno appointment.

I remember when my mother completely KILLED MY EXISTENCE the day she saw my dingy, hadn't been washed in weeks, 32-barely-A cup bra peeking out of my shirt.

My mom practically snatched each and every one of my edges in disgust, as she painfully lectured me on the importance on cleanliness of my undergarments. Now, my blood starts to immediately boil and my inner mama spirit is fighting hard to not fix my lips to start reading females whenever I witness this travesty.

I guess the small grooming tidbits I learned along my short life journey was all leading up to what I like to call "the mother of all courtesies," which most women will experience during their 38th and 39th week of pregnancy.

During both of my pregnancies, around the final week before I delivered, I find my way to an esthetician for the wax of all waxes. I was determined to get a wax before delivery. Each time, you wouldn't believe how many people had so much to say about my own womanly parts!

“Why on earth would you do that?"

And my personal favorite:

“What if it causes you to go into labor?"

I mean, really? I'm sure that ANY woman would agree that if you're in your 39th week (staring down your 10th month of your body being hijacked) going into labor is NOT a bad thing. Hey, maybe I could stop shoving teaspoons of castor oil down my throat and walking around the neighborhood to naturally induce labor.

I wasn't going to shave (like you can even see down there with that big ol' belly) and the husband's unsteady hand wasn't getting remotely close to my gold mine with the clippers. So, like any other agent of good hygiene I high-tailed my wide, pregnant self to my wax lady with pride.

I know some of you are reading this like I'm crazy, but it's no different than you getting your brows waxed or polishing your nails. Waxing before delivery is not necessary, but it sure looks good. Plus, it's always a win-win if your OBGYN can actually navigate down there in that region.

For the mothers, do you consider shaving or waxing before delivery a priority or is that the last thing on your priority list?

Let me know in the comments!

- Marie

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