Wellness-Related Problems You Didn't Know Sea Moss Could Help Resolve

Celebs such as Erykah Badu, Angela Yee, and Auntie Tabitha Brown swear by this superfood. So, what are the rest of us missing out on?


With all the health trends that tend to surface every year, one that is starting to finally gain traction, is one that has actually been around for generations: sea moss.

Sea moss, also known as Irish Sea Moss or Irish Moss, is a type of algae that has taken over your nutrient must-have lists and become highly-praised due to its unprecedented benefit factors. And if you've been following Dr. Sebi and his teachings, or if you are of Jamaican descent (because you know they know all about the best herbal tings), then you know each have been preaching the sea moss word for generations. Hallelu.

But here's tea on why:

Our body is made up of 102 individual minerals for a healthy fulfilled, able body. Sea moss contains 92 of those nutrients in a single serving. So, although your fruits and veggies and flax seeds have already been doing a body good, sea moss has kind of created a lane of its own to supercharge.

Oh, and it's natural, which we love around here #teamnochemicals.

Also, because women have a longer to-do list of physical health maintenance (periods, thyroids, uterine health), sea moss has a greater benefit to us, and its wellness perks stretch farther than just some multivitamin.

OK, but what are some of these benefits?

Well, for one, sea moss acts as your heart's teammate.

When it comes to capitalizing the energy stored in food, you need B vitamins, and sea moss contains a decent amount of riboflavin (which is needed to break down proteins, carbs, and fats), and folate (which is needed to form DNA and other genetic material). When these two link up, red blood cells are created. And hopefully we all know the relation these two have together. Ultimately, all of the above produces oxygen, boosts blood flow, and so much more.

So basically, anything that provides 92 of the 102 minerals necessary for your health's sustainability, is an enormous ally to your heart's function.

It offers digestion a major assist.

OK, this may gross you out but sea moss' snotty texture makes it a great healing/soothing agent for mucus membranes in the body, including your respiratory and digestive systems. It's been tested to increase beneficial short-chain fatty acids in the colon, get rid of bad bacteria in the gut, and improve overall gut health and immunity. This means, a healthy bile stimulation and less fats leeching (because we don't want none of that crap messing with our organs, sis).

It is an immune system booster (which we all could use).

In a world of COVID—where we're told to "wait on the vaccine" instead of "boost your immune system"—having a booster is imperative to combating the outside chaos. During cold and flu season, sea moss smoothies could become your go-to meal for weening off the germs. It has potassium iodide, which is great for dissolving phlegm, and it is also rich in amino acids, vitamin C, antioxidants, as well as a host of antiviral and antimicrobial agents. Its nutrients can help you to fight or ward off infections, which is a sign of the times. So add some moss to that drink, ladies. Your immune system will thank you.

It improves your metabolism, thus promoting weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.

I don't know about you, but anything that can naturally help me slim my waistline, likeeee...sign me up. Anti-inflammation, healthy bowel movements, heart nutrients, and gestational symphonies all equate to a boost in metabolism, and ultimately, steady weight loss and/or maintenance. The high iodine content can stimulate the production of thyroid hormones, which are what controls your appetite and metabolism. And because sea moss retains water, it makes you feel fuller longer, thus suppressing those inevitable cravings.

Oh hey, God.

It stimulates the libido (sea moss will have bae hopping on you)!

Well, another major benefit to sea moss is it's a natural remedy for sexual stimulation. Sea moss' nickname is "the Viagra of the Sea". It promotes blood circulation and stamina, meaning naturally, stronger and more substantial erections in our men. In recent studies by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they discovered that iron supplementation was associated with significant improvement in muscle endurance and stamina, making iron-rich sea moss is your all-natural solution to gettin it crackin'.

So, go ahead and throw a scoop or two in his smoothie, sis. And if he asks why, just tell him it's for his own good.


Those interested in adding sea moss to their daily routine can grab some in numerous places, as it has become more and more of a nutritional phenomenon, making it easy to come by. It can be sold as a gel, liquid, or pill, and is best served in smoothies or tea. Check with your local health food store, or order online with vendors such as Bare Root Remedy, Bey Moss, or Cooking With Love to grab your stash.

Have you ever tried sea moss?

As of now, sea moss actually isn't well-researched and there's a lot that we don't know about it. However, what is known is that it contains minerals which are beneficial to our systematic makeup, thus providing the same health benefits that would prove substantial in any nutritionist-based regimen. Check with your doctor or healthcare professional if you are concerned about how adding sea moss to your diet could possibly affect you.

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