Here Are The Dope Finds You Can Shop At xoNecole's ElevateHER Crawl

Here Are The Dope Finds You Can Shop At xoNecole's ElevateHER Crawl

The only thing in the world that feels better than securing a bag is spending a check, and this list of black woman-owned businesses has arrived to help you do exactly that. This year's ElevateHER Crawl is the place to be for young, black, creative women and please believe, I'm in there like swimwear. Along with a gang of special guest speakers and entrepreneurial workshops, you can also experience a one-of-a-kind vendor utopia with so many of the brands that we all know and love.

I'm wiiling to bet all the coins in my purse on the fact that buying black is the best decision you'll ever make, and with this year's ElevateHER Crawl only days away (August 3), it's time to take the power of your dollar back to black. When you shop with Black women, not only are you granted the joy and satisfaction of using your purchasing power for the betterment of our community, but you have the opportunity to shop pieces that are especially curated for black women like you, by black women like you.

So without further ado, here are 25 vendors that you can catch up with at ElevateHER on August 3:


Cee Cee's Closet

Created by sisters Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo, Cee Cee's closet is the West African head wrap company you didn't know you needed in your life. With each item handmade and shipped directly from Nigeria, this accessory brand promises to bring the motherland straight to your closet door.


The Glamatory

Mimi Johnson is one Mother/Hustler that you don't wanna sleep on. As a celebrity makeup artist and media personality featured on Bravo, Oxygen, and VH1, Mimi is on a mission to help other women learn how to GrindPretty. Along with tending to celebrity clients like Angela Simmons, Kenya Moore, and Da Brat, Mimi spends her time curating bomb makeup products and accessories for women on the hustle.

Food & Drinks

1987 Juices

When La'Keasha Brown left her hometown in South Carolina, she had no idea that at 32, she would be a full-time business owner helping women achieve their health goals on a daily basis, but God has a funny way of pushing us into our dreams. In 2014, La'Keasha started juicing in an attempt to make some major lifestyle changes, and only a few years later, 1987 Juices serves as a hub for creatives to sweat & sip on her deliciously curated beverages that are all inspired by the power of music.



Your leave-out hits a lil' different when it actually matches the texture of your hair, and Curlkalon is the answer to your coily-weave related woes. In 2015, founder Shavone Riggings set out to revitalize the synthetic hair extension industry with a low-maintenance, affordable options that blend seamlessly with natural hair textures.



Wearable art isn't just for celebrities like Beyonce and Miss Tina Knowles, and ComfiArt wants you to have it at a reasonable price point. Created by artist and digital marketer Dionna Collins in 2016, ComfiArt offers exclusive decor that won't break the bank.

Jewelry & Accessories

Candid Art

You're not always going to be everyone's cup of tea and not everyone is going to like you, but one thing they can't deny is how dope your earrings are. When you get ready to retire your gold hoops for a jazzy conversation starter, head over to CANDID ART, a company dedicated to making all of your modern abstract jewelry needs come true. Established almost a decade ago by Howard University graduate Candice Cox, the company offers a vast variety of decor and jewelry made from recycled metal and African textiles.


Goddess Skin + Body

​Destiny Fomby, creator of Goddess Skin and Body believes that nature has natural healing powers, and that's exactly why her plant-based products are made straight from the earth. This collection of skincare products seeks to make you look and feel good at the same damn time, and are infused with ingredients that aid in relaxation and healthy skincare.


Essential Wombman

Wands, and teas, and yoni eggs, oh my! When it comes to vagina wellness, The Essential Wombman has you covered with their unique collection of sacred crystal wands, yoni steams, yoni eggs, and detox teas that promise to get your reproductive system all the way together.

Featured image by Instagram/TheEssentialWombman.

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