Summer Must-Watch List: 13 Shows To Tune Into This Season
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Summer Must-Watch List: 13 Shows To Tune Into This Season

The summer TV season is finally here and that means, in addition to indulging in all of the wonderful summer activities, you also have a lot of good things to watch—specifically as it relates to black star power.

From comedies and dramas to game shows and award shows, there is something for everyone to watch this month and the best thing about the programming is that it's full of melanated options. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are returning to the small screen this summer, including Ava Duvernay, Jamie Foxx, Steve Harvey, Niecy Nash, Marlon Wayans and more.

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Click through the gallery to check out our round-up of all the TV premieres to keep things hot and interesting all summer long!

1."Queen Sugar"


The third season of the OWN network hit will tackle the intense journey of fatherhood, as Ralph Angel deals with the paternity outcome of his son Blue. (Premiered May 29, airs Wednesdays at 10pm.)

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