Missy Elliott And Janet Jackson Are BFF Goals
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Essence

Missy Elliott And Janet Jackson Are BFF Goals

Being friends for 24 years and counting is a flex.

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Missy Elliott hopped on social media to show everyone just how great of a friend Janet Jackson is. The “Get Ur Freak On” artist shared in an extensive Instagram caption that the “Pleasure Principle” singer jumped on a flight to see her after expressing how the COVID-19 pandemic has kept her away from her loved ones.

“For the last 2 years I’m sure like for many it was really emotionally draining.. Going from being outside to being isolated from family & friends,” Missy wrote. “Well the other day @janetjackson & I was chopping it up on the phone & I spoke about how I missed everyone & how this year I wanted to make sure I see her & she casually said I’ll fly to where you are on the 5th.”

“Well honestly I didn’t think much of it just because she is my friend for 24 years she is still Ms. Jackson if you NASTY & stay BOOKED & BUSY since 7 years old be VERY CLEAR😩😆😂but sure enough the 5th came & she text me & said I’m here😭 I began to tear up because she flew all the way from LONDON & spent two days with me & we cut up & laughed for 2 days straight! I sure needed that just to laugh & feel at peace🙏🏾.”

She closed out her caption by quoting the Golden Girls theme song, “Thank you for being a Freeeeeeen.”

The video included the famous TV theme song along with photos and clips of the two legends enjoying a night in. Janet didn’t say much in the video but it was clear that her actions spoke louder than her words. According to the video, the multi-talented artists have been friends for “24 years and counting.” They have worked together over the years on a few song collaborations such as “Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You),” “BURNITUP!,” and “The 1.”

Missy was also featured in Janet’s A&E and Lifetime documentary that premiered at the top of 2022.

Both Grammy award-winning artists have been friends since their “Son of a Gun” collab in 2001 and from there have continued to show each other love and support.

During Essence’s 9th annual Black Women in Music event in 2020, the “Lose Control” rapper shared how always Janet boosts her confidence whenever she’s feeling down. “The times that I may have felt like giving up, she’s always gave me an encouraging word and I’ve watched her as a strong, Black, powerful woman who’s had to overcome many obstacles,” Missy said.

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Featured image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Essence

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