Kelly Rowland Shows Us How Setting Boundaries Is The Key To Living A Healthy Life
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Kelly Rowland Shows Us How Setting Boundaries Is The Key To Living A Healthy Life

The term boundary has become a trendy topic among many.

Many people have begun practicing it in their professional or personal lives as a way to maintain peace. One particular individual that has experienced the benefits of placing boundaries in her life is singer and actress Kelly Rowland.

Rowland first gained recognition in the entertainment industry in the late 1990s with the girl group Destiny's Child. Over time, following the disbandment of Destiny's Child in 2006, Rowland embarked on a solo singing and acting career.

In addition to her professional success, Rowland would marry talent manager Tim Weatherspoon, and the couple would welcome two sons. Since then, the 42-year-old has maintained longevity within her career by also participating in other business ventures and gracing our Instagram timelines with her stunning beauty and picturesque life.

In a recent interview withEssence magazine, Rowland spoke about the measures she had to take over the years to preserve her mental health.

Kelly On How She Creates Boundaries

In the conversation, the "Like This" vocalist disclosed that she has been maintaining her mental health by being selective about the company she keeps around her.

Rowland explained that she set this boundary because she realized that the people an individual has in their "space could be as healthy or unhealthy as food choices."

"I do not have to be everywhere. And I choose the company I keep carefully. Who you have in your space could be as healthy or unhealthy as food choices. I also make a conscious decision to celebrate others, even on my social posts. It makes me feel good," she said.

Kelly On Her Friend Group

Later, Rowland raved about the circle of women she surrounds herself with.

Some of the mother of two's friends include Ciara, La La Anthony, Vanessa Bryant, Serena Williams, Destiny Child's group members Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, and many others.

"My friends, especially my women's circle, keeps me grounded and keeps me honest with my feelings. We celebrate each other's wins and pick each other up when we fall," she shared while describing how supportive her friends are.

With the amount of joy and peace that radiates from Rowland with every social media post, it appears she has found the answer to living a peaceful and fulfilling life.

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