Everything You Need To Know About Life Path Numbers

Everything You Need To Know About Life Path Numbers

Do you catch yourself noticing 11:11 or other repeating numbers a lot when you look at the time? Or maybe you see 4:44 or 2:22 often? There is something about the synchronicity of repeating numbers that makes it seem like it is more than just a coincidence and maybe it is a sign. I have often seen a set of numbers (sometimes referred to as "Angel Numbers") over and over again and someone has told me I should play those numbers in the lotto. I always thought it was a silly superstition but there is some cosmic, spiritual meaning to be gained from having a sense of deja vu when you see what appears to be your lucky numbers.

Numerology is the study of numbers and their spiritual significance. It is the perfect complement to astrology if you are looking for more in-depth answers in your own personal journey. Oftentimes we look for meaning in dreams or patterns to guide us in the right direction. This life has a greater meaning for all of us and some things are more than just a coincidence. Honestly, the feeling of knowing that something is put here for a specific reason is what drives many of us to search for these answers. Connecting those dots between what we know intrinsically and can't explain to what we know to be true can bring you comfort and relief that you are on the right path.

What is Numerology?


Different numbers have different meanings and can signal changes or things to come in the future. Essentially, Numerology is how to interpret the numbers that appear around you to know their meaning in your journey. According to an article on REFINERY29:

"Each number, from one to nine, has a spiritual meaning, which can be applied to individuals in various ways."

What is a Life Path number?

It can be argued that your Life Path number is the most important number in your personal numerology because it has a significant influence over the direction of your life. The number is a representation of who you are at the core. Or, put another way, the person you spend your life evolving to become. As Angelica Ray, Intuitive, Healer, and Coach says, "You are able to have a better understanding of your purpose, some of the innate talents and gifts that you possess, and of the obstacles that you might experience. Ultimately, it can speak to general aspects of the path that your life might take."

Some have likened your Life Path number to the Sun sign in Astrology as an indicator of what is important to you, how you respond in situations, and how you process life in general. Don't simply think of your Life Path number as a list of traits, instead think of it as a specific set of positive and negative traits that manifest however you desire.

How do you calculate your Life Path number?



To calculate your Life Path number, you need to use your birth date: the month, day, and year. Basically, your Life Path number is the sum of all these numbers reduced down to a single number in a specific method. One important note to make is that there are Master Numbers (e.g. 11, 22, and 33), but this specific method of calculating your Life Path number prevents these numbers from happening. Life Path numbers only occur through the single digits of 1 to 9.

According to Numerology.com:

"There is only one correct way to calculate your Life Path number. First, you must reduce each of the three parts of your birthday to a single digit or Master Number, then add up THOSE digits to find your Life Path number. If you end up with a two-digit number that isn't one of the Master Numbers, keep reducing it until you get to a single digit."

OK, so let's use my birthday for example 09/16/1985.

Start with the month, 09:

0 + 9 = 9

Then the day, 16:

1 + 6 = 7

Then the year, 1985:

1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 23; reduce 23

2 + 3 = 5

Now add them all together and reduce if need be:

9 + 7 + 5 = 21; reduce 21

2 + 1 = 3

My Life Path number is 3.

So what does each Life Path number mean, from 1 to 9?

Life Path number 1 - This number reflects someone who is an innovator and a pioneer and is full of energy and motivation. People with this Life Path number are normally natural leaders that are capable of creating opportunities for themselves. What they need to learn is how to become confident in their own abilities and practice trusting each other.

Life Path number 2 - People who fall into this category are quiet but are very powerful. They tend to be calm, cooperative and have an appreciation for partnerships in life. They need to learn to find their voice and make sure they speak up and advocate for themselves when their needs are not being met.

Life Path number 3 - These people are creative and communicative with a youthful energy that is very exciting to others. People who have a Life Path number 3 are very positive and charming. What challenges they have to overcome is they are naive about the world. They need to accept and explore deep, tough issues and emotions that will help them on their personal growth journey.

Life Path number 4 - This is a practical person who is singularly focused on service and hard work. They are strong and can act as a stable foundation in other people's lives. They will have to learn to loosen up their way of thinking and processes to really understand that love and enjoyment are also fulfilling.

Life Path number 5 - People who have the Life Path number 5 truly live a well-lived adventurous life. These people have a curiosity and taste for life and thrive on variety and upbeat social settings. The thing they need to learn most is commitment because they have a constant need to change their situation. This may ultimately lead to an unfulfilling life.

Life Path number 6 - These are the lovers, nurturers, and protectors of the Life Path group. They have a very big heart and a large capacity to support others. During their journey, they must realize the importance of self-love and to put their own needs in a position of priority.

Life Path number 7 - The people who have a Life Path number 7 are naturally inquisitive people with an appetite for searching for the truth. They will need to learn to be more social as they like to spend a lot of time alone. They need to learn about relationships and vulnerability in their journey.

Life Path number 8 - This group tends to find a lot of success in life because they give things constant attention, intention, and effort to their work. They will excel professionally most of the time. However, they need to work on how to work well with other people.

Life Path number 9 - Those who fall into the group of Life Path number 9 have a sensitivity toward humanity and support all things that are for the greatest good. They are the tolerant, loving, and deeply connected group and are very in touch with their inner wisdom. They have the challenge of releasing past pains by addressing their needs and values.

For a deeper explanation of each number, Allureis a great resource for a break down of each group.

What do we do when we find our Life Path numbers?


Once we find our Life Path numbers Angelica suggests, "All of the different modalities are pointing the same energies. It is very common to see synergies and commonalities amongst these different modalities. The Life Path number is helpful because it can point you more towards a path rather than Astrology which can be a little bit more present-focused or character-focused. The Life Path can speak a lot about the road ahead."

Angelica does recommend working with a numerologist because they are better able to break down patterning and add context around timing. Also, they are able to help decipher intricacies around tendencies, the path forward, lessons, and journey. It is always better to get a reading by someone who is trained in the language of the energy so that you get a much more in-depth experience than online.

The best way to use your Life Path number in your everyday life is as a guide that points you toward a specific direction in your life.

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