Dominique Fishback Opens Up About How She Uses Journaling As A Manifestation Tool
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Dominique Fishback Opens Up About How She Uses Journaling As A Manifestation Tool

Dominique Fishback shares how the practice of journaling has been instrumental in shaping her life and her career.

The star --whose passion for acting began in elementary school-- has been involved in the entertainment industry since 2014 after receiving minor roles in various projects, including television shows and music videos.

Fishback's career skyrocketed in 2017 when she became a regular cast member on HBO's The Deuce, which aired on the network for three seasons until 2019. The actress' success didn't stop there. In addition to the hit series, Fishback solidified her spot in the entertainment industry through her critically acclaimed roles in The Hate You Give, Project Power, Judas and the Black Messiah, and most recently, Swarm.

In the cover story for Essence magazine, Fishback recalled her life journey, the struggles she faced before becoming an actress, and how journaling each moment helped manifest her dreams into a reality.

Dominique On Journaling

During the June interview, the 32-year-old shared that her love for the arts began in second grade after discovering TADA!, a theater company for children. Fishback revealed that although she auditioned numerous times to join the program, she got denied.

Despite the rejection, Fishback continued to look for other ways to accomplish her goals. One of which included applying to LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York when she was 15. The Night Comes On star's efforts again fell short when she didn't get into the prestigious school.

Instead of giving up, Fishback searched online for "free acting programs in New York City." After finding a company that met her requirements, she began attending classes. Fishback claimed that the overall experience would ultimately change her life because she went on to study theater at Pace University and graduated in 2013.

Throughout this journey, Fishback journaled everything from the setbacks to what she wanted to achieve in her career. In the discussion with Essence, the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts star disclosed that having the physical proof of what she aspired to be and speaking it into existence showcases how powerful words are.

"There's something about having proof that you spoke your life into existence or you manifested your dreams," she said.

"It's one thing to tell people, 'Oh, yeah, I thought about this. I talked about this when I was a kid,' but it's another thing to have the evidence, in written form, that you did speak into being the specific thing that you are now experiencing. It just contributes to the power of the mind, the power of the written word, and it's also a tool to reflect and say, 'See where I've grown, and how I've grown?'"

Dominique On Why She Also Journals About Her Characters

As the topic shifted to Fishback's memorable roles, including Dre in Amazon Prime's seriesSwarm and how she connects with those characters to bring them to life onscreen, the actress explains that she goes through the entire process by journaling.

Fishback claimed that she often tries to find similar interests between herself and the characters but said it was difficult in her recent role in Swarm -a psychological thriller about a crazed fan-- because the pair had different morals.

"I approach all my characters similarly—I try to find the through line of what I have in common with them. But Dre is harder because we morally don't agree," she stated.

Fishback added that despite the differences between her and Dre, she tried to connect with her by focusing on what the character loves.

"So I had to discover another connection—which is love. I know what it's like to love my sister. I know what it's like to love an artist. Not in the way that she does, but love is still love," she said. "If I can grab onto that, that means that the audience can grab onto that. I also had to journal, as myself, to remove any blocks or fears that I had about playing this character—because I didn't want the camera to pick up a war between Dominique and Dre."

Toward the end of her interview, Fishback also shared that another thing that has been helping her deliver the true essence of her characters is by praying.

"Every time I take on a role. I always pray that I can be a vessel, a clear vessel for the energy and truth of that character to come through," she stated.

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