Russell Wilson's $140 Million Deal Is A Reminder To Stop Sleeping On "Good" Guys

Russell Wilson's $140 Million Deal Is A Reminder To Stop Sleeping On "Good" Guys

Anyone who says nice guys finish last probably hasn't met Russell Wilson, aka the highest paid football player in the NFL. If you've ever truly been in love, you know that it's never about the money. But boy, does it put an extra layer of icing on the cake knowing that you can afford to ball out with the one that you love.

Husband of R&B superstar Ciara, and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson recently signed a four-year extension contract that is valued at $140 million and we ain't mad at that. The couple recently announced Russell's multimillion dollar deal in a late-night Instagram post that confirmed news that Seahawks fans had been anticipating since last season. Cuddled up and giving us serious rich auntie and uncle vibes, the Wilsons had this to say:

"Hey Seattle, we got a deal. Go Hawks! But, I'm gonna see y'all in the morning."

The sleep-deprived couple said that they could finally get a good night's sleep after enduring the grueling signing process and coming out on top. Ciara told Andy Cohen that it was a nerve-wrecking process and they didn't really know what to expect. She explained:

"It was a process. It really went down to the wire. You just don't know what's going to happen until that very last second."
"I'm just so proud of him. He's incredible…it's a blessing."

Nevertheless, as always, CiCi had her man's back until they got a final decision. The "Thinking 'Bout You" singer publicly exclaimed her overwhelming pride for her baller beau on Instagram and told fans she can't wait to see what the future holds, and according to her most recent interview, that may even mean baby #3... Just not today.

"I do look forward to the third one, but we got a little time right now. I'm enjoying dancing with my flat belly right now."

Now, if you're into the media and have been following the Future-Ciara-Russell Wilson love triangle, you know that Russell's good boy turned better archetype has been criticized in the past. Living in this strange twilight zone of a culture in which we value drama and chaos more than we do responsibility and stability, it's understandable that standing next to the lean-sipping bad boy that is Future, Russell Wilson can seem a bit less… edgy. Lame, I would even say. I said what I said.

What kind of guy would raise another man's son as his own? Who on earth would sacrafice their own sexual satisfaction to honor their union with their soon-to-be spouse? Imagine a man who loves you so much that he'll talk to God about you, now that's a blessing.

Ciara is a true reminder that sleeping on good guys may cause you to miss out on the man of your dreams.

Don't get me wrong, there is a clear and obvious difference between self-proclaimed nice guys, and good men, and it's important to have enough discernment to know the difference. Sometimes, the proof is in the prayer. In a recent episode of "Watch What Happens Now," Ciara finally spilled the details on her conversation with God that ultimately led her to Russell Wilson:

"I have to say I definitely prayed a prayer, and I prayed many times. All I have to say is, when you're going through the transition of love and trying to figure out life, you gotta be specific, and you have to reflect on the journey prior to kind of see why are you at that point where things are not working out the way you envisioned them."

Ciara mentioned that although the law of attraction is real and you have to be specific about what you want, you also have to learn yourself well enough to know what you don't want… But seriously, who doesn't want a millionaire bae who fixes your dress on the red carpet and looks at you the way Russell does Ciara?

Keep praying, your Russell is out there. And take it from Ciara, if you make the decision to stop sleeping on good guys, it just might pay off (word to Shellie R. Warren). So Cici, when's the shopping spree, sis?!

Featured image by Instagram/Ciara.



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