Get Into Some Black Hair Magic With Cartoon Network's 'My HAIR Story!'

Get Into Some Black Hair Magic With Cartoon Network's 'My HAIR Story!'

This article is in partnership with Cartoon Network.

It's always a powerful thing to see Black families represented on popular TV shows, especially when they highlight the best of our culture. Throughout generations, we can all to think back to the good memories of watching our favorite cartoons, especially when they featured characters who looked like us and who we could relate to—from how they talked, to how they dressed, and even how they wore their hair. For today's kids, Cartoon Network's Craig of the Creek is one such show.

And since October marks the launch of National Hair Day, what better way to commemorate than to enjoy some entertainment with your children that reflects our hair in all its glory.

Cartoon Network has made the experience of enjoying Craig of the Creek with your kids that much more immersive and fun by partnering up with celebrity stylist Kim Kimble to recreate looks inspired by characters from Craig of the Creek. For the 3-partMy HAIRstory! series, Kimble is hosting online tutorials, which kicked off with lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur Dayna Bolden.

But let's get into a little background first. Craig of the Creek centers around Craig Williams, a boy who lives in a fictional town called Herkleton, Maryland and takes his friends, Kelsey Pokoly and John Paul "J.P." Mercer, on adventures at a nearby wilderness utopia. His family includes Duane, his computer programmer father who loves retro video games and telling dad jokes; his mom, Nicole, a Howard University alumna and school counselor; his younger sister Jessica, a sassy confident girl who always keeps her brother in check; and Bernard, his geeky, snobby older brother who has dreams to attend an Ivy League school.

Craig also lives with his grandparents, Earl, a hilarious storyteller, and JoJo, a city councilwoman who was a 1960s activist. He, his siblings, his parents and his grandmother all wear their hair in natural styles: braided ponytails, faded out coils, and grey-streaked fade cuts. Duane even styles Jessica's hair from time to time.

The Boldens hold some fab and interesting similarities to the Williams family. Dayna slays in her signature tapered coils, and she styles her daughter Aria's hair in chic twist outs, cornrows, and ponytails. Ernest is a proud member of the beard gang and wears his precision cut with Black king swag. Even their son, little toddler Bryce, is killing the style game with his textured fade. More than 100,000 social media followers enjoy watching how the Boldens thrive and grow together as a boldly unified and successful family building generational wealth. And adding Kimble, a self-made hair industry phenom who has blessed the coifs of Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Nicki Minaj, and Angela Bassett is the Black excellence icing on the cake.

Viewers can join in on the fun and parents can learn the basics of how to style their children's natural hair by checking out the tutorials, where Kimble gives details on proper washing and detangling practices, styling techniques, and tips and tricks to keep your children's hair laid.

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