Aunt Jackie's Unveils The Secret To Slaying Your Natural Curls

Aunt Jackie's Unveils The Secret To Slaying Your Natural Curls

It was a bright Sunday morning when I hopped on the Aunt Jackie's bus heading to Montaluce Winery. I found a spot and couldn't help but look around in awe. The seats were filled with influencers, writers, and hair mavens, all flaunting their beautifully styled curls and coils. It's been about four years since I made the decision to chop off my relaxed hair, and I still struggle with styling it. My twist-outs never come out quite right, and the last time I attempted a wash and go, I just stopped.

However at Aunt Jackies Sip & Shine, I learned a little secret: it's all about the products.

Grapeseed oil is the special ingredient in Aunt Jackie's new Grapeseed Collection. The oil contains antioxidants that reduce hair loss and are great for long-lasting moisture and shine. The new line of products include: the POWER WASH (their first clarifying shampoo), RESCUED (a deep conditioner), ICE CURLS (used to soften and hydrate curls), SLICKED (to slay edges and hold styles), FRIZZ PATROL (to set waves and curls), and SHINE BOSS (to give hair that final glow).

With grapeseed being such a focus of the collection, it was only right to celebrate the launch at a vineyard!

The day started with a rooftop lunch at the winery. During this time, we enjoyed a delicious meal while discussing our individual personal and professional journeys. Conversations ranged from the highs and lows of working in creative fields, to motherhood and how important it is to support each other. After a few chimes of "yass sis" and "let me try that wine too", we all agreed there was a genuine feeling of connection.

The rest of the day included a wine-making competition, hayride, games, and more. Crystal Styles, Aunt Jackie's Head of Education, even detailed each product individually. For example, a lot of people like to use holding gel to style their baby hair. Unfortunately, a lot of times this manipulation to the hairline causes breakage. But SLICKED contains marshmallow root and honey which helps prevent hair loss. The more we learned about the products, the more I understood the benefits.

Finally, to close the day, we all gathered together and listened as Erika Pope, Aunt Jackie's Global Brand and Product Development Manager, talked about the importance of women's empowerment. In an exercise, we took turns giving a positive affirmation to someone in the group before taking a piece of yarn and throwing the spool to the next person. Once the final woman spoke, everyone was holding a piece of the tangled yarn. It was a powerful moment that reminded me, no matter how twisted things become, we're always stronger together.

Not only did I go home with some amazing products, I left feeling empowered.

Aunt Jackie's Grapeseed Collection is available here. You can also follow them on Instagram at @AuntJackiescurlsandcoils.

Featured image by Aunt Jackie's/Instagram

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