Toni Braxton Wants You To Add CBD To Your Self-Care Routine ASAP

The R&B singer has one tip that will help you get your R&R game all the way together.

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It feels like it's been "Seven Whole Days" since I last encountered the weekend, and sis is tired. I am sis.

While my hustle is one that I take great pride in, skimping on my self-care has several side effects, including but not limited to extreme exhaustion (and/or irritation) in the middle of the damn week. If you, like me, and are tired of letting the grind grind you to death, Toni Braxton has one tip that will help all of us get our R&R game all the way together.

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As someone who has had her foot on our necks for decades, our good sis Toni knows how easy it is to let "me time" fall by the wayside and in a recent interview with BET, she dropped the details on the CBD-infused skincare routine that changed her perspective on self-care for the better. She explained:

"In our busy lives, it's easy to forget the importance of self-care. After my diagnosis with lupus, I had to change the way I thought about self-care and taking care of my body. For me, I've found that CBD and hemp seed oil products work miracles."

The mother-of-two, who has been open about her battle with lupus, was first diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in 2008 and has been hospitalized several times since. In a 2005 interview, Toni revealed that her symptoms are often debilitating and prevent her from being her best self, but today, thanks to Uncle Bud's, she's able to manage her illness without harmful side effects. She told Organics Spa Magazine:

"I was looking for my prescription medication and I couldn't find it. I found Uncle Bud's. I put it on my knee and I promise you that 20 minutes later I forgot that my knee was aching. I told my manager about it and he said, 'But that's the stuff I sent you. I was telling you about this product that you should try.' Some things are destiny—you're supposed to do it. That's the true story of how I got involved with this product."

While lupus may have had the upper hand in the past, Toni says that implementing Uncle Bud's CBD-infused products into her self-care routine helped her take back control of her life. Along with making better lifestyle choices like eating healthier and working out, Toni says that Uncle Bud's Hemp Topical Pain Relief and Uncle Bud's Hemp Collagen Face Mask are two products that have helped her level up her self-care game in a major way. She explained:

"These simple moments can really make a difference in the way you feel overall."

For a list of hemp- and CBD-infused beauty products you should add to your self-care routine ASAP, scroll below!

Featured image by Toni Braxton/Instagram

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