Tiffany Haddish: "On All My Applications, I Check That I'm A White Woman"
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Tiffany Haddish: "On All My Applications, I Check That I'm A White Woman"

To some, it may seem like Tiffany Haddish swooped in from out of nowhere and landed right into comedic superstardom. But the Girls Trip Star had been quietly plugging away and honing her craft with credits dating back to 2005.

From appearances on That's So Raven, Def Comedy Jam and The Carmichael Show, Haddish has worked her way to the top with no signs of slowing down. She is slated to host SNL this weekend in historic fashion as the first African-American comedienne to do so.

Photographer: Elton Anderson

In a recent interview with Creators of Color, Haddish addressed how being a person of color has had a positive impact on her career and has allowed her to play roles that initially were written for white women:

“Being a person of color has positively impacted a lot of things in my career. I have booked roles in movies that were meant for white women, but because I came through with so much character and personality, they ended up making it a black role. So then that allowed us to be seen in different light."

While some stars shy away from being cast as a role-model, Hadish seems to embrace this responsibility. When speaking on landing new roles, she also finds a way to crack the best kind of joke: you know, the ones where you're not sure if the person is serious or not? Here's her take on dreams and affirmative action:

“I feel like every time I get a job, you know, another little black girl's dreams may come true. Every time I get a job, affirmative action is working in reverse because on all my applications, I check that I'm a white woman. So I believe that I deserve every job that I go out for, and so then they believe that I'm white when they read the paperwork, and then I get the job."

I might use that tactic on my next application.

She also recognizes that she is breaking barriers for all women of color, and we love her for it. Her career just screams #blackgirlmagic:

“I think that being black has definitely created a lot of opportunities for others of my skin tone, but also it has made me beautiful..."

You ARE beautiful, Tiffany! Thank you for the laughs and the positive example you are setting for women all over the globe!

Check out her exclusive photo shoot by Creators of Color and tune in this Saturday as she hosts SNL for the first time. Winning!

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