Am I Outgrowing My Job? Signs It May Be Time To Move On Before It’s Too Late

Could it be time for you to move on from your job?

Workin' Girl

Landing a dream or high-paying job can be a huge, humbling, and celebratory moment. I vividly remember the feeling of excitement I had getting my first high-paying job. In the course of a year, I was able to get my first apartment, pay off some card debt, and do a little shopping. I reveled in all I was able to do outside of work, and enjoyed the new things I was learning in the office too. But my second year into the job, I realized I may not be as into my role as I thought. The thought slowly gnawed at my mind, and as time progressed, I became agitated at the direction my job was heading. My silent frustration grew loud, and when it did, all I wanted to do was hit the exit for any job that would hire me quick.

A Gallup Poll reported that 70% of employees in the US are disengaged at work. Often, we stay at a job too long out of company loyalty, financial stability and comfortability. By the time we realize we no longer want to be there, we're miserable, frustrated with how we're spending our days and scrambling for any way to get out. While other surveys show that frequent job hopping can be a big obstacle for unemployed candidates looking for work, staying too long at the job also show a lack of interest in career growth. Yes, there's something so comforting about waking up to a stable job, income, hearty benefits and of course, a direct deposit. But could it be time for you to move on from your job?

Quitting Your Job: Signs It's Time To Move On

You No Longer Feel Your Work Is Growing In The Direction Of The Company


Companies go through transitions all the time, but do you really see yourself heading in the direction your company is? Do your career goals align with what they're trying to do, or do new tasks stray further from what you believe your true purpose is? If you are mindful of where your personal life mission stands, your employers can help you assess if there's a future in your current job or not.

Seeing Cyclic Business Practice Nuances 

Last year, your company was in a crisis mode over an operational issue. It's a new year, and your company is in crisis mode again over the same or a similar situation. There was never a procedure or plan put in place the first go-around, and now you're at square one of how to put out the fire. Take heed to these flags that point at what may be standard business malfunctions. While it may have seemed like a one time incident, it may just be the company's culture of handling (or not handling) issues. Try suggesting new, long-lasting ways to handle crises. If it seems like no one's interested in implementing a resolution, then it may be time to accept the work culture for what it is and move on.

You Find Yourself Struggling To Get To Work On Time


Are you dragging yourself out of bed every morning feeling unmotivated to go to work? When you arrive at work, are your thoughts more negative than positive? If every morning feels like "just another day" and you're counting down to the weekend, it's clear that you're just not interested - and honestly that you might've stopped caring about your job altogether. Before you land in trouble over tardiness or unexcused sick days, actively take steps towards planning your next job move to give yourself something to look forward to each day.

There Is Little To No Chance Of Growth

Sometimes you can finagle creating your dream role or at least sneak in a few tasks you enjoy doing. And sometimes, you just can't. If promotions are slim at your job and your job duties are pretty mundane, it's not going to change unless executive staff does. And if executive staff doesn't plan on leaving for another 10 years, well, you know the rest.

You’re No Longer Interested In Hanging Out With Co-workers After Work


You used to love meeting people at work mixers and happy hour events. Now, you don't care to see or talk to anyone new. You have one coworker who you complain with about everything that's wrong at work. Save the both of you that negative energy, and instead focus on how to get back in the game of job hunting.

If any of these sound like you, then it's definitely time for you to begin taking steps towards the next steps in your career!

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