Your September 2023 Horoscopes Are All About Much-Needed Closure And Positivity

Your September 2023 Horoscopes Are All About Much-Needed Closure And Positivity

September is bringing things full circle. This year has had a lot of ups and downs. There have been some major wins in the start, but there have also been a lot of moments of growth, some more uncomfortable than others. With September beginning in Virgo Season, with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, and Venus retrograde in September, there is a balance needed to be had with what is falling away and what is coming in.

The insights are powerful in Virgo Season, and there is also an underlying energy of pressure to get it together. Remember this time is not about overworking or overthinking and that the energy of the month is more about bringing things together and coming to positive conclusions.

September 2023 Horoscopes: An Overview

Venus officially goes direct in Leo on September 3rd and will remain direct in this fire sign until October 8th. Venus in Leo is inspiring, creative, and bold. Take what you have learned in love, especially about yourself in love, and use this energy to create more abundance and happiness in your life.

Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus the following day, facilitating a different set of areas of growth and influencing finances as well as love. Jupiter will be in retrograde until December 30th, so the rest of this year is really about planning thoroughly financially while also setting your intentions and believing in miracles for yourself here.

On September 14th, there is a New Moon in Virgo, and this New Moon is bringing a fresh perspective. This is a time of harvest, and many will be seeing the manifestations they have been working on since springtime, bloom for them now. This Virgo Moon is here to create divine order and stabilize blessings.

With Mercury moving out of retrograde and going direct in Virgo the following day, the Virgo energy this month is creating impactful change, a new beginning, and much-needed closures of what wasn’t working. This is a month of turning a new leaf and standing in your power.

Finally, before the month ends, the Sun moves into air sign Libra, and Libra Season officially begins. Libra Season is different from Virgo Season as in Virgo Season, we are inspired to work, get it together, and take care of everything we have been putting off. In Libra Season, we are inspired to love, tend to our relationships, and create beauty and art in the world that Virgo Season helped us build and manifest.

On the last day of the month, there is a Supermoon in Aries, and just when you thought the energy was settling, some big changes and closures occur.

Keep reading to learn what September has in store for your zodiac sign.

September 2023 Monthly Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

AriesKyra Jay for xoNecole


In September, you are being reawakened, Aries. This is an eye-opening month for you and a time when a big impact is being made in your life. You are seeing things in a new light, and you are spiritually evolving. Jupiter goes retrograde at the start of the month and highlights your financial zone. This month is the starting point of a four-month-long journey of defining your values, your integrity, and planning for the future.

Toward the end of September, the Sun moves into your 7th house of love, and you get some more time to spend on your relationships, your pleasure, and your heart. You are getting redirected this month and putting yourself on the path that is going to serve you and your goals the most. Before the month ends, there is a Supermoon in your sign, and you are truly breaking free and stepping into your power.

TaurusKyra Jay for xoNecole


September is a much-needed reality check, Taurus. You are getting the answers you are looking for, but it’s taking some time to adjust to new perspectives. What you thought was put in the past is being brought to your attention again, and thankfully, you are ready to put down the defenses and come to some important conclusions. Venus moving out of retrograde and going direct on September 3rd will be helping you facilitate that new beginning, especially in the home.

The most important transit happening for you this month is Jupiter in Taurus going retrograde from September 4th until December 30th. For the rest of this year, you will be unpacking, processing, and getting to know yourself better. Jupiter wants to open your eyes to more of who you are, and this time is all about showing up, using your voice, and honoring your multi-faceted, growing self. Surrender to the unknown, knowing the universe is supporting you every step of the way.

GeminiKyra Jay for xoNecole


A chapter is closing in your life this month, and you are ready for a change, Gemini. This transformation you are moving through in September couldn’t have come at a better time because you are tired of the emotional stagnation you have been feeling. Jupiter goes retrograde in your house of endings, healing, and closure this month for the rest of this year, and this is helping you heal. You are making sense of the patterns and stories that have been playing out in your life and are moving on.

Your ruling planet has been retrograde since late August and goes direct on the 15th of this month. With this breath of fresh air coming into your life in mid-September and a Supermoon in your 11th house of community and friendship the week following, you will have moments of freedom, connection, and acceptance that are profound. Even though you are moving through some changes that are, at times, uncomfortable, you can clearly see the good you are creating in your life as well this month.

CancerKyra Jay for xoNecole


September is a month of happiness for you, Cancer. The Sun is shining, and you are elated with its beams shining on you. This is an inspiring month and a time when you are seeing the happy outcomes you have been wishing for. You deserve to feel good, to feel healthy, and to be in your power, and this month is reminding you of that. The New Moon, happening on September 14th, is a new beginning for you in regards to open communication, and you are liking what you are hearing this month.

Moving further into September, the energy shifts as the Full Moon occurs in your 4th house of home and family and helps you open your eyes to where you can gain more stability in life and where you can put more of your efforts. The key this month is to not let anyone steal your joy or your shine but to also give a helping hand and to use your newfound inspiration to help better the lives of others as well. Your life is expanding, and it’s beautiful.

LeoKyra Jay for xoNecole


Your dreams are coming true, and it’s time to act as if it’s already so. Your belief systems are key this month, and your guidance is to focus on what you want and to believe and know that it’s yours. You have come so far and are reaching some important achievements and milestones this month, Leo. The month begins with Venus in Leo finally moving out of retrograde and allowing you more room to breathe in self-love rather than the self-criticism that has been more prevalent as of late.

Mercury is retrograde in your 2nd house of income and finances until September 15th, and once Mercury goes direct, you are seeing yourself in a better position financially than when you started this retrograde in late August. You are learning more about the importance of valuing yourself and your dreams this month and are overall seeing the positive progress that has come from you just believing in yourself and your vision for your life.

VirgoKyra Jay for xoNecole


Happy Birthday, Beautiful Virgo. The Sun is in your sign for most of September, and you are feeling the creativity, passion, and divinity in your life. New paths are opening up for you, and you are the perfect one to pave the way. You are inspiring others, shining your light, and creating experiences in your life that not only benefit you but those around you as well. The New Moon is in your sign this month on the 14th, and this further signifies the new beginning and magic you are personally bringing into your life this month.

September is a great time to manifest and focus on creating what works for you and what lights you up. With Mercury being retrograde in your sign for the past few weeks, you have had to deal with miscommunication, delays, and disagreements. Mercury goes direct on September 15th, and you are seeing things clearer than ever and communicating with more clarity and strength than before. Through the challenges you have been through, you have only come out of it stronger and more fierce.

LibraKyra Jay for xoNecole


September is about protecting your energy and using your time wisely, Libra. You have figured out who and what you want in your life and what you don’t- and there is no going back now. The more you can choose yourself, choose your values, and choose self-love, the greater impact the decisions you are making can have. The energy begins to move into your sign this month, and the focus turns on you, however, it’s up to you what you do with it.

Libra Season officially begins on September 23rd this year, and you are done with moving mountains and are ready to enjoy the view at the top. You have shown yourself what is possible for you in life, and you have stood your ground on the things that are important to you. On September 29th, there is a Supermoon in your opposite sign, Aries, and you are coming full circle in love. What goes around comes around, and your good karma in love is coming around.

ScorpioKyra Jay for xoNecole


September is a spiritual month for you, Scorpio. The month begins in Virgo Season, and you flow well with this earthly energy. You are focused on stabilizing your emotions and really understanding your thought processes and inner discoveries this month, and it’s serving you well. Jupiter has been in your 7th house for the past few months, opening your eyes in love and blessing your relationships overall. This benevolent planet goes retrograde at the beginning of the month, and you may be feeling more tested over the next few months to see if you have done the work here.

The decisions you have made and the paths you have walked have all led you to where you are right now, and you are making sense of it all this month in a more vulnerable way. You are lighting your way forward, and the New Moon on the 14th is inspiring you to new heights. Manifestations are appearing, and you are recognizing your power as a creator. Before the month ends, there is a Supermoon in your 6th house of health, work, and routine, and you are taking care of business as the month ends.

SagittariusKyra Jay for xoNecole


This month is all about working smarter, not harder, Sagittarius. The potential for overworking or overthinking is likely this month, and you are being guided to take things one step at a time. You haven’t gotten to where you are now without your stamina and determination, and that energy isn’t going away now. With the Sun in your 10th house of career for most of the month, you are thinking about the legacy you want to lead right now.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes retrograde this month and will be moving in retrograde motion in an area of your chart having to do with your daily life and well-being. Taking care of your health, planning thoroughly, and leaving room for growth in your working life is what this time is all about. A Supermoon is happening on the 29th before the month ends, and you are ready to focus more on love, your happiness, and the romance that you are being inspired by in your life right now.

CapricornKyra Jay for xoNecole


Success is yours this month, Capricorn. This is a dynamic, powerful, and abundant month for you, and your efforts are being acknowledged. Something is shifting in your life in September, and you are truly feeling appreciated for who you are. You are inspired by the beauty you see in others, knowing this is a direct reflection of yourself, and you are claiming your blessings in September. Own your power, own your purpose.

The New Moon happening this month is occurring in fellow earth sign, Virgo, and it’s creating a new sense of adventure in your life. You are not attracted to the norm right now and are ready to step out of the box, learn new things, and connect with people who support you. The Supermoon on September 29th will be closing a chapter in your life, and this chapter has to do with your home, family life, emotional well-being, and sense of security. This month is about balancing your home and personal life with your professional one and knowing there is a difference.

AquariusKyra Jay for xoNecole


September is all about patience, Aquarius. The work you have been putting in will show fruition, but more time and dedication may be needed this month. This is a good time to develop your skills and talents, expand your mind, and take intentional action on the things you are looking to grow in your life right now. With the Sun in your 8th house of commitment for most of the month, there is a lot on your plate, so remember to ask for help or support when you need it.

Mercury goes direct on the 15th in the same area the Sun currently is, your 8th house. With Mercury going direct mid-month, you are starting to see new developments, more ease, and greater balance in your close relationships. Intimacy feels like it’s blooming into something beautiful in your life, and you have been moving through an emotional transformation. Before the month ends, there is a Supermoon in your house of communication, and you can expect a message from the universe at this time. Listen to the guidance that is coming through for you this month.

PiscesKyra Jay for xoNecole


September is a month to take a step back, process, and gain some renewed energy before moving forward again, Pisces. Mercury is retrograde in your 7th house of love until mid-September, so for the first half of the month, you may be dealing with some communication challenges and a lack of understanding of the heart. Your love life is going through a change, but you need time to process and define what that is truly going to mean for you in the long run.

Jupiter, one of your ruling planets, is also going retrograde in September and will be moving retro in your house of communication until the end of this year. Jupiter overall will be helping you find your voice and encouraging you to take up space. Remember that sometimes being you is more important than being understood. There is a New Moon on September 14th, and this is a good time to set your intentions for where you want to see your love life and relationships head, where the support is in your life, and how you can grow with love.

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