Homebody Haven: The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Self-Care Queen In Your Life

Homebody Haven: The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Self-Care Queen In Your Life

It’s safe to say that we all have a “wellness girl” in our close circle. She’s the matcha-sipping, Pilates lover, who always makes time for her morning meditation and affirmations. Whether she’s a yoga enthusiast or self-care aficionado, she’s there to be your personal reminder to slow down and take some “me time,” and that alone deserves a token of our appreciation.

As the holiday season continues, we find ourselves immersed in the spirit of giving, and what better way to express your love and care than by gifting your body-, mind-, and soul-focused friends and family some wellness goodies?

Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, these thoughtful wellness gifts can serve as a gentle reminder to pause, breathe, and prioritize their self-care. From habit-tracking journals to fitness essentials and mindfulness tools, our guide covers a wide range of options to cater to the homebody homegirl who are true to their wellness practice or need the extra nudge to get in touch with themselves.

To help you start “adding to cart,” we've curated a collection of gifts that go beyond the ordinary, designed to foster a sense of peace and balance in the lives of your loved ones.

1.Dieux x Violette: Forever Eye Mask


These reusable eye masks are perfect for their "me-time" moments, again and again.

2.Vaseline® Radiant X Deep Nourishment Body Cream


They’ll love slathering themselves with this nourishing body cream right after those “everything showers.”

3.Galison Pajama Mamas Jigsaw Puzzle (1000-piece)


For those “turn your brain off and unplug” kinds of days.

4.Victoria’s Secret Ribbed Modal Henley Short Set

Victoria's Secret

If she’s a cozy girl who enjoys lounging around the house, she’ll love this matching set.

5.Fenty Beauty Butta Drop Warm Cinnamon Body Cream

Fenty Skin

What’s better than eating a cinnamon roll? Smelling like one.

6.lululemon Nulu Wide Reversible Headband


The solution to keeping your gym-rat friend’s edges preserved is here.

7.Boy Smells Trio Votive Set

Boy Smells

Nothing sets the mood like a lit candle that smells as good as it looks.

8.Owala FreeSip, 32 Oz.


For the girls who drink their water and mind their business.

9.Golde Pure Matcha


Matcha is the silly little beverage we can’t live without, so trust us when we say your matcha-loving sister will thank you for this stocking stuffer.

10.Therapy Notebooks - Build-a-Habit Guide 

Therapy Notebooks

Give your wellness-forward friend a headstart on your new year goals with this daily, habit-forming journal that actually works.

11.Inotka Gua Sha Massage Tool


Help gua sha their stress away with this viral beauty tool.

12.Baggu Puffy Slippers


They love staying in the house, so why not make it more comfortable with these puffy slippers?

13.Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier

Hey Dewy

Detox the air and your mind with this personal humidifier.

14.Glossier You Rollerball


Be the reason for your bestie’s inflated confidence due to all the “you smell good” compliments she’ll be getting with this signature perfume by Glossier.

15.Bala Bangles


From Pilates to yoga, or even her hot girl walks, these trendy weighted bangles will be the perfect additive to her active lifestyle.

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