Savannah James Gives Us A Look Into Her Luxurious 'Beauty Space'
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Savannah James Gives Us A Look Into Her Luxurious 'Beauty Space'

Savannah James may have become a household name by being married to NBA star LeBron James. However, the mother of three has garnered her own fanbase thanks to her classical beauty and style. If you’re one of her 2.3 million followers on Instagram, then you’ve had a front-row seat to her effortless style and mom life. Now, Savannah is giving us a peek into her bathroom, aka her “beauty space.”

Talking to Allure, the entrepreneur shed light on her beauty and skincare routine. While she enjoys glam, she knows that beauty comes from within and makes sure to instill that in her 8-year-old daughter Zhuri. “Whether you are done up to the gods or at home with a pimple patch and bonnet on, you're beautiful and it's enough,” she said. “You don't have to do any more than that if you don't choose to.”

Below are four essentials that make up Savannah's beauty space.


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The video starts off with Savannah showing us her vanity, and everything is organized and labeled. “I love makeup,” she said. “All of my things have been organized for me, which makes it easy to find the things that I need because it’s a lot in there.”

Affirmation Corner

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As she continued showing off her vanity, she also gave us a glimpse at the affirmations she has on star sticky notes posted on the mirror. Some of the affirmations say, “I am loved,” “I am capable,” and “I am strong.”

Soaking In The Bathtub

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One of her favorite ways to relax is by taking baths. “I take probably five or six baths a week,” she confessed. “It’s the best thing in the world. I go through bags and bags and bags of Epsom salt." She continued, “Usually, my kids and my husband know that if they can’t find me, this is where I am.”

Skincare and Haircare Drawers

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In her bathroom, Savannah has two drawers that she calls her “go-tos.” They are her skincare and haircare drawers. The skincare drawer has items like makeup pads, gua sha, and wrist towels ( for when water drips down your arms when you're washing your face), and her haircare drawer includes scrunchies, clips, wig pins, and more. “I am obsessed with skincare. I’m a skincare junkie,” she revealed. “I just think it’s one of the parts of my self-care routine that is a non-negotiable.”

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