Here's What Saturn In Pisces Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

Here's What Saturn In Pisces Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

Saturn entered Pisces on March 7, 2023, after moving through Aquarius since March 2020. The Saturn in Aquarius era brought us the global pandemic and was a huge time of stripping what isn’t authentic and ushering in the Age of Aquarius. Saturn in Pisces sings a different tune as this water sign is more in their heart, rather than their head. Saturn in Pisces brings forth a time of healing and having compassion for yourself and others. Saturn, the planet of Karma, is known for giving tough love and now moving through a sign who shies away from this type of energy, there are a lot of different dynamics that are at play. Saturn will be in Pisces from March 7, 2023 - May 24, 2025, and September 1, 2025 - February 12, 2026.

The thing about Saturn in Pisces is that Saturn in this sign teaches us more about boundaries, spirituality, transformation, the importance of maintaining healthy goals, and how to meet the universe halfway. Saturn in Pisces can get messy, but it is also a time when people will be seeing clearly where changes need to be made and will be cleaning up their act a bit. Pisces rules the 12th house which is the house of addiction and emotional patterning, and a lot of people will be working on overcoming these issues during this time. Mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius) will be feeling this transit the most, as it’s hitting closer to home for these signs.

Saturn’s move into Pisces also ushers in a new wave of people who are now starting their Saturn Return. This Saturn transit is unique in that this is the last wave of millennials entering their Saturn Return because when Saturn moves out of Pisces and into Aries in 2026, Gen Z will begin their first Saturn Return. Overall, those who are between the ages of 27-31 are entering their Saturn Return right now with Saturn’s move into Pisces, and they are entering a journey of adulthood, growth, and spiritual awakening. If you were born between any of these dates, between March 23, 1964 and September 16, 1964; between December 16, 1964 to March 3, 1967; between May 21, 1993 to June 30, 1993; and January 28, 1994 to April 7, 1996, you are now in your Saturn Return. To read more about what to expect during your Saturn Return, check out our previous article here.

Overall, Saturn in Pisces is a time when the collective drops any facades, and the truth is revealed. We are moving through an enlightening time in the world and this time is all about having compassion. Read below to see what Saturn’s move into Pisces means for you.


Saturn is now in your 12th house for the next few years and you are entering a deep journey of healing and overcoming the past. Your past, your history, your emotional patterning, and where healing still needs to take place are coming to fruition at this time, and there will be a lot coming to the surface for you. Secrets are revealed, emotions are exposed, and your mental health should be the priority right now. This is Saturn’s last transit before entering your sign, so this is really your opportunity to release what you need to, emotionally heal, and prepare for a new chapter in life. Over the next few years, there will be some cycles coming to a close and culminations happening in your life.


Saturn in Pisces influences your friendships, social network, community, and your hopes and dreams in life. It can feel difficult to manifest and get inspired for the time being, and you will be working through these difficulties during this time. Saturn will be helping you grow in regard to finding the type of friendships, soul connections, and community of people who support you and love you for who you are. This is also a time of finding new ways to feel confident and secure enough to go after your dreams and goals in life. Inspiration can feel hard to come by at times during this transit, and you will be discovering and uncovering where you truly find that empowerment and inspiration.


Your career life, professional world, successes, and achievements will all be going through a growth spurt now. Being a mutable sign, you will be feeling this transition of Saturn in Pisces more strongly than most. Over the next few years, you could be changing careers or feeling more challenged to reach your goals and to get real on what is restricting you from obtaining them. This time is all about overcoming fears and allowing yourself to be seen and heard in all your glory. This is the time to not be afraid to show up and take up space because you deserve to.


You are moving through a unique adventure now, Cancer. Saturn in Pisces brings the energy to your 9th house of travel, adventure, spirituality, higher education, and belief systems. You are going to spend more time within and in reflection over the next few years and can feel some difficulty when it comes to pursuing adventure, taking time off, and traveling. Saturn will be shaking things up for you to help you question some beliefs and ideals in order to define what holds true for you, where your moral compass lies, and what spirituality means to you. Your Saturn transit will be helping you grow wiser.


Saturn in Pisces will be challenging you to address your commitments and to see what and who is worth your time and energy, and where you are feeling more restricted than empowered. Saturn will be moving through your 8th house of intimacy, commitments, taxes, debts, shared finances, and death. This is a good time to pay off debts, get your affairs in order, and address any imbalances between the giving and receiving in your life. The 8th house is also a relationship house and you will be feeling more pressure to connect and discover a new sense of intimacy and vulnerability within your relationships. Your Saturn transit is about overcoming emotional and financial fears.


Virgos will especially feel this Saturn in Pisces transit as Virgos are a mutable sign like Pisces, but it is also Pisces' opposite sign. With your Sun forming an opposition to Saturn now, there is a lot to learn over the next few years, and you will be growing within your relationships with others. Saturn will be in your house of love, marriage, one-on-one relationships, platonic friendships, and personal finances. You are moving through a time of figuring out what love and true connection mean to you, and how to close the gap that separates you from self-love and love from others. Saturn in Pisces is awakening the heart for you.


Saturn’s move into Pisces is all about health, the body, and your working life, Libra. Saturn moving through your 6th house over the next few years is likely to bring some changes into your daily routine and will be pushing you to develop more healthy habits and daily rituals. This is the time when you are likely to see changes in your working life and your relationship with colleagues, and even though challenges may arise here, you will overall be finding ways to feel better about what’s happening in this area of your life. This transit is about feeling better within your body and own skin, and then seeing how this translates to your daily life and happiness.


Saturn’s move into a fellow water sign means that the energy is moving into your 5th house of romance, happiness, self-expression, hobbies, children, and play. The 5th house is all about having fun, and Saturn is all about putting the work in so you can see where difficulties may arise. You could be feeling more pressured to make time for more fun and freedom, but feeling limited in doing so. Saturn will be helping you uncover what happiness means to you, what your heart needs, and where you can develop greater self-confidence and self-love. This is the time to release any self-imposed blocks and to feel more comfortable taking up space, expressing yourself, and letting yourself shine.


Sagittarius is another mutable sign that will be feeling this transit strongly. You are moving through a journey of getting back to the basics and figuring out what truly matters to you. Saturn will be bringing things to the surface in regard to your home, family, history, relationship with your mom, and inner foundations. A lot of people move during this transit, see changes in the home, and may feel some friction within their family life and around close loved ones. This is all arising for healing to take place, and for Sagittarius right now, this time is all about healing from the past, from childhood trauma, and from experiences that you may feel like you have already addressed. This is a time of inner child healing and overcoming past emotional patterning.


This Saturn transit for you is all about communication. The restrictions you are feeling over the next few years have to do with your immediate environment, siblings, neighbors, business ventures, communication, and transportation. You may be feeling a little out of the loop at times during this transit as communication channels are sure to experience some shake-ups and restrictions. However, Saturn doesn’t want you to shy away from self-expression and communication. Saturn wants to help you address any mental hurdles that have been there, so you can communicate more effectively and confidently. This transit will also be helping you grow stronger foundations within your relationships and those in your immediate environment.


Saturn is officially out of your sign, and you can take a breath of fresh air. Saturn’s move out of Aquarius and into Pisces is major for you and changes the tone of your life altogether. The past few years have been especially challenging for Aquarius with Saturn in your sign since 2020, and you are finally ready to let it go. Saturn is now in your 2nd house of income, and you will be experiencing some financial shake-ups and growth here. This time is all about investing in yourself, investing wisely, creating a plan and structure in your life, and letting go of the excess. Be careful when it comes to spending and saving over the next few years, but overall, you are leaving a difficult time and entering a better one now, Aquarius.


Saturn enters your sign, and you are entering a time of major personal growth in your life. Saturn takes about 29 years to move through each sign, so this is a long time coming for you. Saturn being in your sign over the next few years brings up identity issues, and possible challenges with self-confidence, and overall will be helping you readdress some of your personal goals and life path. Saturn will be challenging you to find that confidence and self-love within, before seeking that validation from others. Plans may change, and by the end of this transit, who you see in the mirror may look very different. However, overall this is your time to break free, overcome, and truly live the life you have always dreamed of and be the person you want to be.

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