What The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse In Taurus Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

What The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse In Taurus Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

Are you sitting down? Good. You need to be. November's full moon on November 19 highlights a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus - and frankly? It's going to be a little over the top! In astrology, Full Moons are periods of culmination. Unresolved issues that have been lurking in the background will be brought to the forefront of your consciousness for resolution and closure.

Lunar eclipses intensify the standard strength of your typical Full Moon, adding to its sense of urgency and emotional charge. Things that have been swept under the rug in your relationships and life circumstances will be brought to a head for a conclusion.

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You're likely to feel that your patience and tolerance have been spent during this time. Your emotions feel like they're bursting at the seams and this will be a period where you finally decide how to move forward from people and situations that have left you feeling bothered and unsettled. This will be particularly true if you are a Taurus, a Cancer, or if you have strong Taurus or Cancer placements in your natal chart.

If you were born between November 14 and November 24 or between May 14 and May 24, you're going to feel this energy particularly intensely!

Taking place in the sign of Taurus, we can collectively anticipate that this Full Moon phase will bring a period of culmination as it pertains to matters dealing with major societal structures - especially the economy, and our collective sense of security.

This month's full moon squares Jupiter, strongly suggesting the potential for overindulgence, extravagance, and reckless behavior. If you find yourself being a little charge-happy with your credit card or letting your guard down as it relates to COVID-precautions, this is why! Take heed that you may be feeling a little too optimistic right now and slow down.

On a positive note, this month's Full Moon in Taurus makes a harmonious aspect to Pluto providing us with the extra drive and support to make overdue changes and to positively transform ourselves and our lives from circumstances that have been holding us back. Any decisions that we make now are likely to go off smoother and without a hitch.

Another thing to note during eclipses, in general, is the strong potential for endings. Relationships can end and people may quite literally eclipse out of your life. Regardless of what happens during this period, you can rest assured that it is happening to move you closer to your intended purpose in life. Some people are meant to join you in your future journey, and some aren't.

Whatever doesn't remain in your life during this time wasn't meant to.

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Eclipses also tend to bring major news, random (but significant) events, and sudden realizations. Any epiphany that you experience during this eclipse, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, marks a shift in your consciousness. Something - a person, situation, or even an outdated perspective - is ending in order to make room for a new beginning.

An important note: This full moon features a partial lunar eclipse. Take it that you are in the dark about something and may not have the full picture of a person or situation. Take any revelations that you experience seriously, but hold off on making any permanent decisions until the energy of this eclipse subsides in the five days that follow it.

This eclipse marks the first of a series of eclipses that will last between now and October 2023. Collectively, we will experience shifts in our major societal structures (especially the economy), what we place value upon, and what makes us feel safe on a universal scale.

Expect shifts in the way we earn money, the value that we place on various forms of currency (hello, cryptocurrency), and what makes us feel safe and secure as a society.

Here's what your sign can expect to experience during the full moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus:

  1. Aries: What do you have to hide, Aries? Expect sudden revelations as it relates to secrets you've been keeping from others - or even yourself. Now is a time for therapy, meditation, and deep introspection.
  2. Taurus: Expect shifts in the way you present yourself to society at large. You are likely to switch up your appearance or your outward personality. Get ready Taurus, this full moon marks the beginning of a brand new you!
  3. Gemini: Issues related to debt, your personal finances, your sense of self-worth, or the things that make you feel physically or emotionally vulnerable will arise now for conclusion or resolution.
  4. Cancer: Now is the time to scratch up on your communication skills, Cancer! You may decide to start journaling, to join a virtual writing group, to purchase that laptop you've been eyeing, to download that app that will help streamline the way you communicate with others, and with yourself. Take this time to strengthen your social media presence, it may pay off significantly over the next two years. An important conversation, an epiphany, or a shift in your relationship with a sibling or neighbor is possible during this time.
  5. Leo: Now's the time to get in touch with your roots, Leo. Your focus will be shifted to strengthening your foundation. Whether you're moving, redecorating your home, or figuring out how to strengthen your relationship with your family, expect the way you approach your home and family to shift. New awareness surrounding those things will begin to be sparked during this moon phase.
  6. Virgo: You've been responsible and reserved for so long, Virgo! Now's the time to loosen up and to prioritize FUN. Expect a boost in your creative self-expression. The way you approach sex, dating, love, creative self-expression, and your relationship with children will begin to shift now. Get ready.
  7. Libra: This full moon phase marks a renewal in your daily habits and nutrition. Incorporate a new diet or workout routine and stick with it for the long haul, Libra. You may make a realization about the ways you've been approaching work, health, and exercise and finally decide to make a change and cut out bad habits standing in the way of a better, happier you!
  8. Scorpio: In a serious relationship? You may both decide to take things to a more serious level or to split up altogether. Hold off on making any permanent moves until the energy of this eclipse subsides. Scorpio, you may find that you're a bit more impulsive than usual during this moon phase and you don't have the full picture of where you stand in your relationship yet!
  9. Sagittarius: Expect and embrace shifts in the way you view and experience sex, death, and investments. Deep interactions with another are highlighted during this moon phase. Keep an open mind, Sagittarius. Allow this experience to transform your perspective.
  10. Capricorn: Have you been feeling boxed in, Capricorn? Now's the time to pursue personal freedom. Expect major shifts as it relates to circumstances that have been restricting your growth or preventing you from experiencing life in a sincere and fulfilling way.
  11. Aquarius: Your career is highlighted during this moon phase, Aquarius! Are you unhappy in your field of work? If so, you may finally decide to make that career shift now. Happy with your career? Expect recognition and achievement for all that you've done. That hard work and dedication had better be paying off, otherwise, you're likely to decide to go where you're better suited and appreciated. This is a period of lifestyle design. You work to live, not the other way around! You won't be able to tolerate anything different now.
  12. Pisces: Are you being taken for granted in a friend group, Pisces? Do you feel like you've outgrown your friends or that things have become stagnant or toxic in your relationships with others? Expect revelations that will shift the way you approach friendships, volunteering, humanitarianism, activism, your overall involvement with groups, and your awareness of global issues.

Special note for all signs: The energy of the Full Moon in Taurus is especially chaotic. You are likely to feel particularly raw or vulnerable because your ability to absorb energy is intensified. Heal and ground yourself with protective crystals like Black Tourmaline to better withstand the tumultuous experiences that will inevitably accompany the Full Moon in Taurus phase.

Take special note of everything that you experience during this eclipse. They are simply a preview of what's to come for you between now and October 2022.

The themes highlighted for you now will take center stage in your life for the next two years. Buckle up - the way you approach these themes in your life is about to permanently change.

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