So, Here Are 12 Proven Ways To Sweat Less This Summer

It's hot out here. This will keep you from perspiring quite so much.

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Sweating is natural. Although some of us do it more than others, whenever perspiration transpires, it's simply our body's way of cooling our system down whenever our body temp begins to rise. While some people believe that sweat can also rid us of toxins, many health professionals say that is basically a myth; that things like alcohol, mercury and other stuff that can ultimately "pollute" our system typically leave us via our kidneys and liver.

Anyway, since summertime is the season when it is the hottest outside, of course, this means that we're going to sweat more than usual. And while this is a reality that is basically unavoidable, there are a few things that we all can do to keep us from dripping in our clothes or simply feeling ickier than we want to. Are you ready to be cool and drier — at least drier than you were last year — this summer? Here are 12 ways to make that happen.

1. Wear Natural Fabrics

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When it's super hot outdoors, most of us would like nothing more than to tear off all of our clothes. Since that's not the um, smartest thing to do, make sure that you put on clothing that is made out of material that's considered to be a breathable fabric. That way, you'll be able to get some good ventilation going on, so that you're not feeling all hot 'n sticky. As far as breathable fabrics go, (organic) cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon and linen all make the list.

2. Take Your Drawers Off

Even though you'll need to put some clothes on when you're in public, if you want to go commando, no one has to know that but you. And here's the thing — when your "girl" (wink) isn't trapped up in tight panties, that makes it easier for any sweat that may be going on down there to evaporate more quickly. This ultimately means less moisture, less odor and oh, less chaffing too. If going throughout your day with no drawers on happens to be a no-no for you, make sure that the panties you do wear are a lighter hue and that you opt for cotton fabric the most. Again, because of the breathable factor thing.

3. Eat Less Spicy Foods

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For the most part, when it comes to this particular point, it's peppers that you should scale back on. The reason why is because they have a chemical in them called capsaicin. While on one hand, it's able to do things like speed up your metabolism, keep your insulin levels balanced and even relieve a low-grade level of topical pain, peppers also trigger nerves in your body that produce a warming effect; one that can sho 'nuf cause you to sweat if you eat too many spicy foods. So, you might want to push the plate back…just a little bit.

4. Drink Less Caffeinated Drinks Too

I know. Some of y'all probably feel like you would just die if you didn't have a tall glass of iced Coke, Pepsi or even — wait for it — sweet tea.

The reason why you've gotta watch this though is caffeine is a stimulant, right? Well, when you consume it, one thing that it does is stimulate your nervous system which can get your body all excited which can lead to excessive sweating.

If this seems far-fetched, try going a couple of days without any caffeine and see if you feel a little drier because of it. I'd be surprised if you didn't.

5. Do Stay Hydrated, Though

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On the flip side, definitely make sure that you get a lot of non-caffeinated fluids into your system. Aside from the fact that it will keep you from becoming dehydrated, remember that a big part of the reason why we sweat when we're hot is it's our body's natural way of cooling our system down. The more fluids you take in, the easier it is for your internal cooling system to work properly. Of course, water is the best route to take; however, green tea can be beneficial too. While it does have some caffeine in it, the benefits help to offset that on a few levels. Aside from the fact that it's loaded with antioxidants and bioactive compounds, the high amount of Vitamin B and magnesium that's in this particular kind of tea will actually help to constrict your sweat glands which means less sweating. Iced green tea, anyone?

6. Add Some Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Regimen

Definitely something that everyone should have in their possession is a couple of bottles of apple cider vinegar (the kind that has "the mother" in it because that means it's as unfiltered and unrefined as possible, so that you are able to get the most out of it). As far as your skin goes, apple cider vinegar is dope because it's high in anti-inflammatory properties and it has acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid in it too. These things work together to unclog pores, balance pH levels and exfoliate your skin. Since apple cider vinegar is also a strong astringent, applying it to places like your underarms can safely close pores and reduce sweating. As a bonus, if you put it directly on your armpits, it can lighten the skin (if it happens to be dark under there) over time. Just make sure to dilute it with one-third amount of water. Apple cider vinegar can be pretty potent and could irritate your skin if it's applied "full throttle".

7. Apply a Mixture of Baking Soda and Cornstarch

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OK, so let's talk about baking soda and cornstarch, as it directly relates to your skin, for a moment.

As far as baking soda goes, it contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are great when it comes to soothing skin irritation, reducing pimples and even speeding up the healing process of bug bites. Plus, since it has an alkaline base, baking soda is also able to fight the bacteria that's found in sweat and decrease the odor that oftentimes comes from it. Cornstarch is great for soothing sunburn, relieving itchy skin and absorbing body odor. In fact, that's why both baking soda and cornstarch are top ingredients in a lot of deodorants.

To get rid of some of the sweat and odor underneath your arms, mix two tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of cornstarch, three tablespoons of coconut oil and a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil scent. Mix it all up until it turns into a thick paste; then apply directly. It's a natural remedy that will help to keep you dry for hours on end.

8. Try a Lil’ Bit of Salt and Lime Juice

Hey, it might sound crazy, but a lot of people are huge fans of this combo. Since sea salt is able to absorb the sweat that comes out of your pores and lime juice has a natural acid in it that is able to reduce excessive sweating, applying both the sweaty spots (avoid your genital region or anywhere you may have a cut; it could sting like nobody's business!), can cause you to sweat (and smell) a lot less.

9. Workout in the Mornings or Evenings

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This is probably the most "duh" tip out of all of the ones that I've shared. Still, it's kind of amazing how many people will opt to workout during their lunch break when that happens to be the peak of the day as far as heat goes. If you want to sweat less while you're outdoors, try exercising early in the morning or during the evening hours. The sun will not be so high, so you won't be as hot.

10. Pick Up a Cool-Midst Humidifier

Vaporizers are something that many people who sweat a lot tend to have in their possession. That's because vaporizers add steam to the air which can keep your skin moist and you feeling comfortable. If you want to sweat less, though, get a cool-mist humidifier. It does just what it says — adds a cool temperature midst into the air that's around you. Places like Walmart and Target carry them at a pretty affordable price.

11. Reduce Your Anxiety


Hyperhidrosis is a medical term for people who sweat excessively. The interesting thing about this particular condition is that it can be a side effect of anxiety (especially social anxiety). So, if for some reason you're restless, anxious, nervous, irritated or agitated and you're noticing that you're also sweating quite a bit, even if you're indoors, your anxiety levels could be why. An article that could help you out a bit is "Feeling Anxious? These 12 All-Natural Hacks Can Calm You."

12. See Your Doctor

It really can't be said enough that sweating is natural. However, if you feel like you are sweating more than normal or that you can't seem to stop, no matter what you do, it can never hurt to make an appointment with your physician. If they do determine that you've got hyperhidrosis, they might decide to put you on a mild antidepressant, give you a deodorant that requires a prescription or put you on a Botox regimen (which will block the nerves that trigger sweating), so that you can feel more relaxed and get back out to enjoying your summer season to the fullest!

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