6 Things You Should Know About PinkPantheress

It's unusual to see an artist who built her career on social media abruptly abandon the scene. PinkPantheress, who prioritizes her mental health over fame, demonstrates the value of using social media for career advancement, as well as how to put it aside for one's mental health. PinkPantheress' origins begin with her getting her big break on TikTok using 2000s music samples, but it is far from the conclusion of the story.

With hits like "Boy's a liar Pt. 2," PinkPantheress is demonstrating that she is a contender in the new music scene two years after her refreshing breakout as she enters the Billboard top 100 and quickly starts releasing albums and EPs. It's about time you heard about the new TikTok sensation, since her lyricism and whisper-like voice will soon be played in more venues than they already have. Check out the six things you should know about the new internet phenomenon, and quickly become a fan.

PinkPantheress’ Real Name & the Meaning Behind Her Stage Name

PinkPantheress is one of several contemporary artists whose stage identities are quite different from their real names. PinkPantheress, whose real name is Victoria Beverly Walker, received her nickname while watching a television show. PinkPantheress' stage name was derived from her TikTok account of the same name, which was motivated by the Pink Panther movie franchise and a game show question from The Chase in the UK.

According to PopSugar, PinkPantheress shared, "When I was picking a TikTok username, which ended up being the catalyst for this whole situation that I seem to find myself in now, I tried to just go for 'pantheress' because I'd heard it in a game show where the question was 'What is a female panther called?' and I was like, 'That's sick.'" PinkPantheress explained, "I tried to have it as my username and it was taken so I just put 'pink' in front of it, because Pink Panther is a great film."

PinkPantheress' Parents & Early Life in England

In 2001, PinkPantheress was born across the pond in Bath, England. The singer, songwriter, and record producer was born to a Kenyan mother who worked as a caregiver and an English father who taught statistics. Eventually, she and her family moved to Kent, England, where she spent most of her adolescence. Afterward, PinkPanthress moved to South London where she started studying film at the University of the Arts London until 2022 when she made the choice to discontinue.

PinkPantheress Likes Her Privacy

PinkPantheress prides herself on maintaining privacy in her personal life. Even her real name wasn't known to admirers until a year ago. Surprisingly, despite her TikTok fame, PinkPantheress' need for attention is still modest. In a 2021 BBC interview, she claimed social media to be "a very crowded place." Later on stating, "I don't feel like I need to overshare and I really do respect my own privacy." The interview, which takes from two years ago, reveals this to still be the case as the new social starlight's interests and personal life still remain little to mostly unknown.

PinkPantheress Credits Green Day and Paramore As Big Musical Influences

PinkPantheress, a self-described pop-punk enthusiast, has mentioned My Chemical Romance as one of her all-time favorite bands, as well as Green Day and Paramore as influences. She adores the songwriting of the well-known emo-punk bands, and in her teenage years, she often covered a number of their songs. In addition to emo music, horror films inspired PinkPantheress' foreboding aesthetic. PinkPantheress demonstrates how well horror can influence art by drawing inspiration for her debut mixtape, To Hell with It, from timeless horror movie posters and 90s cartoons.

PinkPantheress' "New Nostalgia" Sound

PinkPantheress describes her music as "new nostalgia," with strong influences from the music of the 1990s and 2000s. Not to mention that the majority of her compositions were created utilizing samples of other songs from the UK garage, DnB, and pop scenes, which PinkPantheress' ethereal vocals then layered over. She adds her unique spin to each sample by either slowing the music down or adjusting the tone to show a different milieu within an existing sound, even if this does not imply that her tracks lack originality. Because of how different this music is, one can even speculate that this new retro atmosphere may be a separate genre.

The Success of "Boy's a liar Pt. 2"

The idea of a rapper and emo-grunge pop artist seems out of place at first, but with its cool unflappable tone and unabashedly mocking of oneself, it's just right. Over a Jersey dance beat, produced by Mura Masa, Ice Spice gives bars that are funny responses to a partner who turned out not to be worth the effort. Meanwhile, PinkPantheress glides over the track in a hypnotic, breathless melody that will leave you in a trance with a sad realization: boys are liars.

Number 5 on the Billboard, and having reached the highest of 3 thus far, "Boys a liar Pt. 2" is steadily climbing the charts. With only five weeks on the chart, PinkPantheress and Ice Spice have made this conversation between two friends a seamless, contagious bop. Short and sweet, this song will have you uncontrollably dancing in your seat. PinkPantheress provides a remix we hadn't known we needed, but so desperately crave.

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