Kelly Rowland & Ciara Are Making Getting Fit More Empowering Than Ever


One of the many goals on our new year's bucket list is to become the healthiest versions of ourselves, not only mentally and spiritually, but physically. R&B super moms Kelly Rowland and Ciara intend on helping us reach our goals against all odds by offering true motivation in our pursuit of being snatched.

When it comes to prioritizing exercise, a form of self-care that can reduce stress and improve our overall well being, many of us come up with excuses on top of excuses about why we should start next week. However, Ciara wants us to put physical activity on the top of our priority list.

Courtesy of Equinox

She sat down with Vogue to explain the importance of setting aside this often sweaty and challenging form of 'me time':

"I've become a big believer in scheduling time for yourself because I've realized that sometimes your daily schedule, especially mine as it pertains to my career and family, can [consume you]. So I try to maximize self-care time by unplugging. If you have your cell phone in your hand during moments that are supposed to be for yourself, there's going to be a text or email that comes that you have to respond to. It's never not something, right? So I really try to carve out time for those moments as best I can. And then going to the gym [gives me that] feeling of, I'm working on me, working towards being my best self."
"There's a lot of athleticism in our household and [Russell and I] do a lot of things together. We find even more ways to be motivated because we can work towards our individual goals together. When I was losing my baby weight, it was so amazing having my partner right there beside me, cheering me on... Our household is always on the same page health-wise — and we want to keep leveling up on our choices in the New Year."

One of the ways that we can make prioritizing daily exercise a part of the day to look forward to is to pack our gym bag the night before. Additionally, it helps when you have outfits designed with your curves in mind.

Kelly Rowland recently debuted a limited edition capsule collection partnership with the affordable exercise line Fabletics that doesn't sacrifice variety for comfortability as we venture off onto our own fitness journeys.

Fabletics x Kelly Rowland

The songstress sat down with Essence Magazine to share how she is passionate about partnering with a brand that takes a practical approach to activewear:

"They've created this amazing community that is focused on empowering all women to look and feel their best, and I wanted to be a part of that movement. I love that their pieces give me so much freedom to move and go about my day, effortlessly, and I pulled inspiration for my collection from all the different aspects of my life – my career as a performer, my love for dance, and my life as a working mom."

As we try to squeeze a good workout into our jam-packed schedules, it is important to invest in pieces that are efficient for our exercise activities, all while giving us even more reason to feel sexy and confident in doing so. It's pretty hard to skip a workout when you have the perfect outfit that makes you feel fierce (despite the extra curves you may have acquired during the holiday season). Kelly explains:

Fabletics x Kelly Rowland

"The items in my capsule collection range from size XXS to size 3X. I love that Fabletics is so body-positive and inclusive, and I wanted to make sure that my collection was the same way. My collection is cute and functional, but also strong, bold and unapologetic. I want women to feel powerful – like they can take on anything."

As we are smack dead in the season of self-reflection and self-improvement, it is important to view physical activity less as a quick fix, and more of an important part of our lifestyles.

Investing in activewear that makes us feel good while we try to do what's best for our health makes the habit more enjoyable. Putting aside time to exercise in one way or another, as a non-negotiable part of our routine, will lead to accomplishing not only your body goals but our goals to make ourselves a priority.

Click through the gallery below to check out some of the pieces in the new Kelly Rowland x Fabletics collection!

Harper Seamless Black Cherry Bra

Fabletics x Kelly Rowland

Feature image by Todd Williamson.

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