Jordyn Woods Breaks Down The Self-Confidence That Helps Her Own Her Personal Style
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Jordyn Woods Breaks Down The Self-Confidence That Helps Her Own Her Personal Style

"The sexiest thing you can wear is your confidence."

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Jordyn Woods is no stranger to shutting down the internet with her looks and in a recent interview, she opened up about her personal style. The model can do it all. From sexy to street, Jordyn often keeps fans on her toes with what she will wear next and if you take a look at her Instagram, you’ll see that no matter what she puts on, she owns it. The 24-year-old announced her exciting collaboration with popular online fast fashion company Shein and spoke about her collection with POPSUGAR.

"My personal style does change every other day, but these are definitely pieces that I would wear and feel confident putting on," she said. "To me, the sexiest thing you can wear is your confidence, and as long as you feel comfortable, that's going to show."

Her collection includes matching sets, body suits, and dainty accessories. And of course, her collection isn’t complete without bodycon dresses, which the actress has been known to wear that perfectly accentuate her bawdy. She also explained how she wanted her Shein collaboration to be a reflection of her as she likes to switch up her style often.

"With the fall season coming up, I wanted to go with darker tones that are still statement pieces at an affordable price," she said. "With Instagram and this social media age, you always want to switch up your looks, and this collection gives you that freedom."

While she is an advocate for self-confidence and body confidence, she does admit that she has days where she experiences self-doubt. The social media influence spoke to her less confident days in an interview with Essence.

“Some days I’m super confident and some days I’m a little confident. I think especially as a Black woman, you’re always going to be looked upon, observed, and oftentimes sexualized, especially me being a curvy woman,” she explained. “So I’m like, “Okay, I can either let people dictate my story, try to do something, or I can just own my body and who I am.” Growing up, I never felt like I was the sexy girl. Now that I’m finding my confidence as a young woman and blossoming, I’m like, 'This is me standing in my power.'”

Here are a few photos of Jordyn looking fabulous on the ‘Gram.

Fashion Show Fit

Bawdy by Jordyn

Laidback Swag

Vacation Bae

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