Exclusive: Joey Bada$$ Clarifies His Relationship Status With Singer Serayah

Exclusive: Joey Bada$$ Clarifies His Relationship Status With Singer Serayah

Joey Bada$ sat down with xoNecole for an exclusive xoMan Live interview about his views on love, relationships, and life, and during that chat, he answered the questions we all wanted to know. The Power Book III: Raising Kanan star has been making headlines with singer/ actress Serayah after rumors of them dating began swirling. He posted a photo of them together on Instagram on what looked like a date, and a day later, the singer shared a photo of them together on her page.

Serayah also stars in the rapper's new music video "Show Me," in which they play a couple. While talking about how he and the Empire actress met, he revealed whether they were lovers.

“Serayah and I- I’m trying to think when did we cross paths?" he asked himself out loud. "We have some mutual friends. I think we found ourselves at a few, like at the same events. And you know, we just became really cool, you know?"

He continues, "We got a pretty cool friendship, and I think she’s gorgeous. I think she’s talented. I proposed– you know she was in the studio with me one time and you know she heard the song and I know that like she really liked the song. When it came to shooting the video, I just kind of proposed the idea to her and she was down, you know what I’m saying? Shout out to Serayah because she really came through for me and she killed it. She killed it.”

As far as the rumors about them dating, Joey says he's single. “I’m single. To clear all that up– to clear all the confusion on that up. I don’t know; things could happen. Or have those things happened? Not necessarily. It’s not anybody’s business, but for those who are wondering, yes, I am single. The speculation and everything could you know, could die now,” he ends with a laugh.

Serayah also denied that they were dating during an interview with Baller Alert.

Joey considers himself a sapiosexual and so intelligence is important to him in a woman. And when asked if he wants a relationship, he reveals he's "ready." “I’m staying ready, so I don’t gotta get ready if that makes sense, you know what I mean. I don’t want to say that it’s anything I’m looking for, like I understand the way the law of attraction works,” he says.

The self-proclaimed “rapper’s rapper” just finished the new season of Raising Kanan and plans on releasing a lot of new music. He has a new single coming out at the end of the month and is ready to open up his horizons musically to connect more with women.

Watch our full exclusive interview with Joey Bada$$:

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