Iman Shumpert Says He Gave Teyana Taylor A "Hit List": Should Your Man Share His Sexual History?
Teyana Taylor

Iman Shumpert Says He Gave Teyana Taylor A "Hit List": Should Your Man Share His Sexual History?

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert have had their share of publicity involving their relationship, but that doesn't keep them from going as strong as ever. Iman recently showed up at The Breakfast Club to address rumors that arose during the Pusha T and Drake debacle about Iman's alleged relationship about with with adult star and painter Sophie Brussaux.

Little did he know, his wifey's pull-up game was strong. Teyana surprised him a few minutes into the interview to set the record straight about untrue tabloid rumors.

"Mind you half of these rumors come from his f****d up past, even with the other rumors and s***, it's all these old a** pictures, That n*** would've been dead, I got his location and everything."

They both confirmed that the infidelity rumors were false. The previous day, Iman appeared on Angela Yee's Lip Service and mentioned that he offered Teyana full disclosure. Iman said that he had provided Teyana with a "hit list" of women he had been with so that there would be no surprises if rumors arose from past relationships. He said:

"Before any of this, I been had to give Teyana this list, I had to. She can't feel embarrassed ever, I ain't gonna have her feel embarrassed."

Iman has a point.

The painful truth exists that your boo had sexual experiences before they were with you. As cringeworthy as it is to talk about, it's the naked truth that your man got naked with someone else. The underlying question is, should you and your partner disclose your sexual histories with one another? And if so, at what point in the relationship is this conversation necessary?


Although it may be pretty uncomfortable to discuss the one night stands and sometimes shameful experiences that you shared with individuals who have no relevance to your current relationship, it must be done.

In today's social climate, it seems irrational for a woman to demand such invasive information about a man's sexual history, but I'm with Teyana, you're not about to have me out here looking crazy. Social media makes relationships more accessible than ever before, especially for celebrities. This makes it easy for people to develop rumors based on unsubstantiated information. I see it as completely necessary to disclose your former partners when entering into a mutually exclusive relationship.


On the other hand, there is the issue of confidentiality. The concept of having a 'body count' is actually fairly misogynistic. By asking a man to offer me a list of his conquests, I'm violating the privacy of any of the women that he's been with. I don't feel like someone I laid down with at any point my life should discuss our sexual experiences with anyone else, especially if it's not his wife.

The idea of offering your partner a 'hit list' is a tricky subject, but is definitely an important conversation to have with your partner if things are getting serious. The last thing you or your partner want is to be blindsided about their own relationship.

What do you think? Is a hit list from your man essential to maintaining a healthy relationship? Or do you feel like what's in the past should stay there? Let us know in the comments!

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