Gabrielle Union Says She's Already Planning Her Funeral But Not For The Reasons You May Think
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Gabrielle Union Says She's Already Planning Her Funeral But Not For The Reasons You May Think

Planning your own funeral may sound morbid, but according to Gabrielle Union, it’s a must. The award-winning actress recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about her role in the drama Truth Be Told which stars Octavia Spencer. However, the conversation took a turn when she revealed that she was already planning her own funeral. But in true Gabrielle Union fashion, the producer and mother gave a hilarious yet brilliant explanation as to why.

“Going to a lot of bad funerals,” she says as the reason behind already prepping her funeral. “It’s kind of like when me and my husband were getting married, like the couple summers before we got married, we were at other people’s weddings like ‘not that, never that, nope, nope, nope.’ So it led me to think, I feel like I need to plan my funeral like down to the smallest detail.”

One of those details includes having her choice of photos to be used on the program. “So I’ve chosen all of the sexiest photos. If I die at 88, I don’t want to be 88 on the program. You give me my thirst traps,” she says playfully. “All my best material.”

Another must-have for Gabrielle’s funeral is having a lively (pun intended) playlist. “But like, I’ve got playlists that they have. Like food, like I want a good funeral.”

However, constantly updating the playlist with new songs that come out has become a task of its own. “Now we have a lot of Beyoncé from the latest [album]. You have to constantly update.”

We all know that funerals are generally planned by family members, loved ones, or those you were close to but that doesn’t always mean they know what’s best. According to the Bring It On star, family doesn’t always know the real you. “I think we think we are closer to people than we actually are,” she says. “Have you ever heard yourself described by a family member? And you’re like, do you know me?"

While planning your own funeral or memorial service may not sound like a priority especially when you are under the age of 35, a 2019 survey shows that 19% of 18-34-year-olds have begun planning their own funeral after the loss of a loved one. So, it appears that Gabrielle may be on to something.

Gabrielle Union Reveals Why She's Already Planning Her Own Funeral

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