Chlöe Bailey Gets Real About The Negative Impact The Internet Can Have On Artistry
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Chlöe Bailey Gets Real About The Negative Impact The Internet Can Have On Artistry

"The internet is great but it’s also the downfall because we are not appreciating artistry."

Chloe Bailey

Over the last few years, TikTok has been the driving force for a lot of artists’ success due to content creators making up dances to songs that would sometimes go viral. While dance trends may have happened organically, record labels are now asking their artists to create songs that will gain them TikTok fame. However, many artists are speaking out against this increasing demand. Chlöe Bailey is no stranger to having her songs take over the social media platform but even she isn’t here for what she views as watering down the art.

The “Treat Me” singer appeared on the When We All Vote’s inaugural Culture of Democracy Summit virtual panel along with her sister Halle Bailey, DJ D-Nice, co-host Valeshia Butterfield-Jones, and others on Friday, June 10.

The Culture of Democracy Summit was created by When We All Vote which is a non-profit co-founded by former First Lady Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, H.E.R., Stephen Curry, and others. According to the website, the four-day event was assembled to “raise awareness of the issues facing our democracy and to increase civic engagement.”

Chlöe appeared on the panel discussion about how music and art can influence and create change and she shared her views on how today’s artistry is under attack.

“I think just giving artists the time to grow into their artistry and to not expect every song to hit right off the gate with streaming numbers and TikTok. Right now, because everything is overly saturated and there’s so many songs per week they rely on a popular trend to chart with music and it’s great,” she said. “The internet is great but it’s also the downfall because we are not appreciating artistry and say an album comes nobody’s really listening to it within the next week or two weeks and there’s so much music so many visuals we are so stimulated we don’t know what to focus on. I think it’s just really finding ways to truly sit there and marinate in the moment of a song like that is what I wish that I got to be a part of years before I was born.”

The Grammy-nominated singer then shouted out her mentor and boss Beyoncé for allowing her and her sister Halle to have creative expression. “I’m really grateful that sis and I are signed to somebody like Beyoncé because we are given the creative freedom and space to grow and not everything will be perfect,” she said. “You have to make mistakes and fall so you can grow from that.”

Chlöe joins a growing list of artists speaking out against their record companies for asking them to make their songs go viral. Halsey, FKA Twigs, and JoJo have exposed their record labels in videos that they shared on TikTok.

Halsey revealed that her record label wouldn’t put out her song until she created a fake viral moment while Twigs said that she was “told off” by her record label for not putting enough effort into marketing herself.

The Culture of Democracy Summit: Friday, June 10

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Featured image by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for MRC

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