Here's How Ari Lennox Keeps Her Body Snatched
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Here's How Ari Lennox Keeps Her Body Snatched

Ari Lennox has been heating up Instagram with sensual photos showing off her toned physique. The “Get Close” singer is currently on tour with Rod Wave and is giving us a peek at her show fits, which includes shimmer bikini tops and mini skirts that show off her abs. Ari began her physical transformation in 2021, and while the sultry singer has always gave bawdy, she decided to step her health up a notch. Speaking to Hot 97's Nessa, the “Pressure” artist revealed some of the ways she likes to stay in shape.

Ari Lennox On Her Fitness Regimen

“While I was in California, I was hiking a lot. I found an amazing trail. Shoutout to my tour manager, Jess. She put me onto this amazing trail called Temescal trail, and I fell in love with it,” she said. “But I was pissed the first time because it’s so strenuous, but then I’m like, ‘Oh, this is doing something, this is good. The more strenuous, the better. That is my thing, but I prefer doing it in mountainous areas like California.”

As she continued talking about hiking, she also dished on her other go-to moves, which included a popular YouTuber’s workout videos. “So, I do like it, but if I’m not there, then I like walking in nature like that’s my exercise,” she said. “Like that, and Grow with Jo. Like she has dope HIIT workouts on YouTube. I like those, and then I’ve been doing jumping jacks lately.”

Back in 2021, the "Pressure" singer's former trainer revealed that she was working out 4-5 times a week and eating clean.

Ari Lennox On Her Sobriety

Keeping her body in motion is one important factor in staying healthy, but so is giving up alcohol. The Grammy-nominated artist is 11 months sober and opened up about her sobriety in a vulnerable July Instagram post. While talking to Nessa, Ari delved deeper into what sparked her sobriety and why she decided to share it with the world. “I just wasn’t able to protect myself in so many wild ways. So many sad ways, dark ways. I was not able to protect myself, and it was crazy because I was thinking that I was,” she admitted.

“I was thinking that I was in so much control, and I literally was in a space where I was allowing so many devils to come in and just take advantage of me ‘cause I was just not there. I was just not there. I wasn’t able to protect me, so now I’m in a space where it feels good to protect me, and it’s like, wow, this seems a lot more in control than I thought drinking was.”

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