xoGift Guide 2019: Gifts For The Fashion Fiend

Fiend /fēnd/ - a person who is excessively fond of or addicted to something.


As a self-diagnosed fashion fiend, I must say that I have an obsession with crafting a perfect ensemble. It brings me joy to put a look together that shows my creativity and personality. The quintessntial value remains in versatile pieces. Fear not, the holiday season presents an opportunity to help out your resident style boss by throwing some items in your cart as a way to show your appreciation.

Wondering what to get your fashion fiend? Read on for a list of fashion staples we are sure they will gush over. You can't go wrong with any of them.

Shop Caribbean Girl Cowgirl Plaid Harem Hants 

Shop Caribbean Girl

Get into these high waist oversized pleated pants because they are life-changing. You can pair these with a dramatic blouse like Lanatria or you can rock a graphic tee with some bold accessories. Whether it's work or play, this fashion staple will make the wearer a street style hero.


Oyemwen Custom-Made Camouflage Print Orchid Skirt


'Tis the season to be extra, and this is how you do it! Pair it with a turtleneck and over-the-knee boots and you've got yourself a jaw-dropping getup. Oyemwen's custom-made camouflage print orchid skirt is a fashion dream.


And I Get Dressed "Got Dressed" Crew 


Sweatshirts can be styled up or down for your pleasure. This special piece of merch from one of our favorite fashion killas, Kellie B, will be clutch for running errands in style or casual Fridays. It's warm and cozy, so you'll be snuggly for the next few months.


OlaYemii Signature "Show-Stopper" Bag


Go for the tribal bag when contemplating what to get the fashion fiend in your life. It's a bold and chic way to do it for the culture. Olayemii, meaning "I am worthy of wealth", is an authentic Nigerian shop comprised of custom made Ankara print handbags and apparel.


AVNU GUPF Boyfriend Crop 


We all know that black girls are the original trendsetters. It's impossible not to love this top because it states straight facts, "Ghetto Until Proven Fashionable". Ya'll know that the world doesn't deem anything fashionable until the Kardashians rock it. The best part about ShopAVNU's top is that you can make a statement while serving it up for the people.


Hanifa Reese Pull Over Crop Gold


Hanifa is one of the hottest designers in the world. Copping some items from them is a must. Not only because the self-taught designer Anifa Mvuemba is popping, but because the clothes are simply amazing. During an exclusive interview with xoNecole, Anifa said, "I always started with a woman's body. I admire curves. That's even more of a reason for me to push that for this space; for women who feel unheard."

PS - To make the outfit complete, you can cop the matching Rylee Flared Knit Pants here.


Shop Jolie Nia Front Neon Pink Fringe Jeans 

Shop Jolie

This is for the girl who loves denim. With a skinny leg fit and high waist, this pair of jeans will look flattering on all body types. Keep it simple by coupling the fringed out bottoms with a tee and pumps.


FE NOELChosen Lucid Jersey 


If one thing is for certain, this is the 2020 jersey you need in your life. It's elevated sporty, chic attire and we all need a dose of it. Supporting Fe Noel means you're supporting a womenswear brand that encourages women to live their lives in style.


Rent the Runway Gift Card


Rent the Runway is the key to winning over a fashion aficionado. RTR is an online service that provides designer dress and accessory rentals to take the stress out of getting dressed. The subscription service has plans starting at $69.


UO Flat Brim Felt Fedora Hat 


Allow me to introduce you to the fedora hat that will boost your accessory game. You can get shady with this beautiful hat made perfect with an elongated brim and dimpled crown in soft felt. No matter the occasion, donning a hat is an ultra-stylish way to make bad hair days not so bad.


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