10 Black Couples On TV That Make Love Make Sense
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10 Black Couples On TV That Make Love Make Sense

Black love looks good on all of us. We wear it well, our many variations of brown and black skin welcomes the glow. The sad reality is that we don't see it as often as we'd like to in our day-to-day lives, and we certainly don't get enough of the good stuff represented in the media -- especially in the age of reality TV where the limits of black love are tested for a little more airtime.

However, that's not to say there are absolutely no representations of black love in the media and when they're good, they're great. "Great" meaning we find ourselves transferring our own hopes, wishes, and dreams onto these characters. You know in that way some of us feel so closely invested in Ghost and Tasha's marriage that we hate Angie and thus remind Lela Loren of it every chance we get? But in a less stressful way than that. I have no clue what that means about us and the way many of us become attached to fictional couples on TV, but I like to think it's because we believe some elements of these relationships are admirable and thus attainable.

Because I'm not just talking about any couples, here are 10 black married couples on TV that make us love love even more.

Randall & Beth, This Is Us

Randall and Beth defy all the odds. They're the more nuanced, transparent Huxtable family if you ask me -- the more modern Cliff and Huxtable. Their lives are far from perfect, but they stray from the typical storylines of black love that include infidelity or financial insecurity and tackle some of the more daunting and yet less discussed issues that black couples, like anyone else, face. Beth allows Randall to be emotionally vulnerable. While he appreciates Beth's strength in ways we often don't get to see positively portrayed on TV (re: typically a black woman's strength is a black man's downfall). I will cop to the fact that Randall has to do a better job at seeing past his own needs and allowing space for Beth to be vulnerable instead of constantly having to wear the cape, but I also believe that their fictional love will get them through and to that point.

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