I Got My Girls: The Best Girlfriend Relationships On TV
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I Got My Girls: The Best Girlfriend Relationships On TV Today

The relationships between black women are at the cornerstone of what makes us great.

Despite what you may see on reality TV and encounter on social media, the friendships among black women are some of the most solid that you will find. Our sisterhood is often so tight, that even the thought of outside forces trying to disrupt it sends us into fierce protective mode.

Like it or not, TV often shapes the way we view the world, zeroing in on our hopes and dreams of possibly recreating in real-life what we see on our television screens. During the black sitcom golden age of the '90s, black female relationships on TV were everywhere and then slowly but surely, as those shows went off the air, we had to wait awhile to see that representation again.

Luckily black television is the best it's been in years right now and that means that the relationships of black female friends is once again being shown to a whole new generation. From comedies, dramas and a little bit of both, black girlfriends are definitely having a moment on the small screen. Check out our picks of the best black girlfriends on TV that we wish we could hang out with in real life!



When it comes to black girlfriends on TV, few are as entertaining, loyal, and real as the girls from Issa Rae's HBO hit Insecure. Issa, Molly, Kelly, and Tiffany are as different as can be, but despite their arguments, shade, and sometimes pettiness, they are always there for each other when it matters most. From not being judgmental about each other's poor decisions to always being there for each other to pick up the pieces when life gets real, the Insecure girls represent the best example of black female friendship on TV today.

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