Vacation Sex Is The Best Sex & These Positions Are The Proof

Everybody wants a baecation, and we get it! What’s better than knocking boots in the beach cabanas in the Bahamas? Or, better yet, bent over, dangling off the balcony the way Big Red had Flash in Five Heartbeats. But, pleasurably so! It’s a one-of-one sensation – vacation sex. If we’re being honest, you probably don’t have to do all of that to have your senses heightened by vacation sex; as we’d imagine, so much of it is better because it has a lot to do with our mental state being so relaxed.

Vacation sex presents the perfect opportunity to show up and be present with our partners in ways that we’re not accustomed to doing in the day-to-day grind. It’s intimacy on a different level – intimacy without the distractions of bills, children, and such.

For this reason, the sex is going to be a hit anytime, anyplace, when it’s occurring even a 100-mile radius away from life. You don’t need a beach, and you probably don’t even need to leave the hotel room. What you’d been searching for but severely lacking? That was space and opportunity.

With that said, we thought we’d offer you 5 different sex positions based on the scenery or environment or scenery of your vacation.

1.Beachside Serenity


We’re kicking it off for the exhibitionists! If you’re going the typical beach vacation route, take advantage of the beach at sunset or under the moonlight. You may want to spray some mosquito repellent on, though. Just thinking ahead, here. But, we digress. Simple is better when it comes to the positions, in my opinion, because this is already a bold statement. Think sex positions like missionary or spooning, which also provide closeness and comfort.

Missionary is simple enough, and we’re all grown-grown, so we’re going to forgo the explanation here. And spooning is just cuddling with penetration – whoever is penetrating will be the big spoon.

2.Adventure Retreat

If you're in a more secluded and adventurous location, consider trying positions including but not limited to standing or bent over, using a stable surface like a rock or tree (we don’t recommend coming close to the edge if you’re on an elevated rock).

3.Luxury Suite Lovemaking


In a luxurious hotel room, explore sex positions that take advantage of the space and comfort. Examples of this include the Lotus or any position that allows you to make use of a large bed. In order to get into the Lotus, one partner will be seated in the center of the bed, legs crossed, and feet pulled in close to them. The other partner will climb on top, bringing the two of you face-to-face; find stability by embracing your partner – hugging them with your arms and legs. Ten out of ten recommend to the lover girls due to the tremendous amount of intimacy this position oozes.

4.Mountain Escape

If you're in a cozy cabin or mountain retreat, embrace the warmth of the indoors. Take advantage of the warm aesthetic! Cowhide rug meets cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a plush bed or soft surface. Cowgirl is a highly coveted woman-on-top position. Reverse cowgirl is just you facing away from your partner.

But, in either variation, there are some things to consider. What’s your stroke game like? Are we bounding, grinding, figure-eighting? Or, a combination? Are we on our feet or our knees? It all comes down to preference, so you will want to play around and find what feels more comfortable to both you and your partner.

Also, know that reverse cowgirl offers an opportunity for optimal pleasure because it hits both the clitoris and the G-spot. You can also add a vibrator to the mix!

5.City Lights Connection


If you’re opting for a staycation or city streets are just your vacay style, for one reason or another, consider sex positions that offer excitement and variety. The tried, true, and beloved doggy style is one way to go and a fan favorite (let's be real here). It can be everything and/or nothing – as intimate or distant as you’d like it to be. It allows for some roughhousing – hair tugging, grabbing, and my favorite – back-scratching.

But most of all, remember to do what feels most comfortable for your relationship and sex life. As mentioned earlier, vacation sex can be a great opportunity when you realize it’s only novel because it offers you “space and opportunity” that may not always be present in the monotony of life.

So, don’t allow there to be an immense amount of pressure surrounding outdoing your other sex – your regular sex – if we’re right, that will come naturally because you’ll be so in the moment. So rested. And, so relaxed. Lean into that like a true cowgirl!

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