The Honey Pot Founder Responds To Backlash Over Products’ Ingredients
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The Honey Pot Founder Responds To Backlash Over Products’ Ingredients

The Honey Pot founder Beatrice Dixon has found herself at the center of controversy on social media after someone tweeted a photo showing the products’ new ingredients. The Honey Pot is a feminine care brand that has prided itself on having natural and clean ingredients. However, the latest products had people questioning the authenticity of the brand. There were also rumors that Beatrice sold her feminine care brand and was no longer a part of it.

Beatrice caught wind of the backlash and addressed it in a video shared on her Instagram page. In the caption, she wrote, “I am a CEO, a Chief Innovation Officer and founder. But I'm also human. My team and I hear you and it's our priority to show up and create a space of trust and transparency. Let me set some things straight.

1. We have not sold.

2. The wash formulation has evolved for good reason.

3. We have and always will serve humans with vaginas best. Full stop.

Thank you for your grace and patience as I address this matter.”

In the video, Beatrice read from a letter she wrote about the matter. “I want to start off saying thank you to all of your love, devotion, and support,” she said. “I see it and I’m grateful for it.” She went on to address the rumors that she sold her company saying that it was simply not true. She then opened up about the change in ingredients, particularly the washes.

“We have evolved our washes,” she said. “What we have not done is comprise what matters, which is being plant-derived, being pH-balanced, and being backed by science.” She also admitted that she should have been more transparent with her customers about the changes made to the products, however, the global supply chain shortage sped up the process.

She then broke down the ingredients and shared why they were being used while also reassuring customers that they still use organic apple cider vinegar and purified water.

Towards the end of the video, Beatrice got emotional as she pleaded with her customers. “Please accept our apology for not communicating all of this better and I please ask that you please believe when I say, I would never make harmful products and support people using them. I would not be able to live with myself,” she said.

The Honey Pot was founded in 2014 by Beatrice and her brother Simon Gray.

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